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  • PanheadBill's Avatar
    Today, 06:19 AM
    I've been challenged by a young machinist from Germany on centering the tables of mills and surface grinders when they are not in use. I was...
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  • flylo's Avatar
    Today, 06:16 AM
    flylo replied to a thread OT: Dual fuel generator in General
    I had 2 15K 4cyl Military Onans that were great then a 125K 2bd backup from a hospital with a huge International V8 with twin 3" pipes off the...
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  • thaiguzzi's Avatar
    Today, 05:25 AM
    thaiguzzi replied to a thread Precision pins in General
    Ha! Small world... Seriously, just try further afield or on the net. Jim's Tools or one of the big aftermarket distributors should stock these. Mine...
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  • thaiguzzi's Avatar
    Today, 05:20 AM
    thaiguzzi replied to a thread What is it? in General
    I'm surprised you haven't twigged... It's obvious. Came out of a Taco Bell Resto. Helps mince the "meat".....
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  • fixerdave's Avatar
    Today, 04:53 AM
    This is part tool gloat, part review, and part looking for information. Anyway, I picked up one of those stupid-cheap ($230cdn) mini CNC...
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  • darryl's Avatar
    Today, 04:53 AM
    I'm not the drummer. There are several very good drummers that frequent this place. In any event, the curtain has to be easy to use and will probably...
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  • RB211's Avatar
    Today, 04:41 AM
    RB211 replied to a thread 13x40 headstock removal in General
    Mcgyver is correct, I meant aligning the tailstock. Previously I had stated the use of a MT test bar for head stock alignment. Sent from my...
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  • Mike Burch's Avatar
    Today, 04:18 AM
    An interesting challenge. Assuming I have understood you correctly, I would frame each 14-16" section from light 2x1 dressed timber, and connect...
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  • macona's Avatar
    Today, 04:18 AM
    macona replied to a thread OT: Dual fuel generator in General
    I have that old military generator that was converted to propane. I was without power for about three days last year and it came in handy to keep...
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  • darryl's Avatar
    Today, 03:34 AM
    I've been working this out in my head for a while now. The stage area at a local pub has a three sectioned front window. Because of the layout, the...
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  • Black Forest's Avatar
    Today, 03:32 AM
    Why would you go with USA brands when you live in Europe. Why not Kemppi, EWM or Fronius, etc.? I use Kemppi and EWN exclusively. I don't know...
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  • Ian B's Avatar
    Today, 02:34 AM
    Ian B replied to a thread Buying my first MIG welder in General
    On the size / power of the machine, I must admit that I tend to side with JT on this; I can't ever remember thinking "hey, I wouldn't mind if my...
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  • Joel's Avatar
    Today, 02:20 AM
    Great post Bob. Ginger bears quite a resemblance to our girl:
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  • Joel's Avatar
    Today, 02:17 AM
    Joel added 2 photo(s) to album General Album
  • JRouche's Avatar
    Today, 01:55 AM
    JRouche replied to a thread What is it? in General
    Well for one it is kinda cool. It looks like the main sprocket has jumped the chain. It needs to be relaxed and re-alined. The main drive...
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  • gambler's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 AM
    gambler replied to a thread OT: Dual fuel generator in General
    run tcw-3 two stroke oil in your gen sets, 100 to 1 ratio, should keep the fuel good for a most of a year.
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  • Mcgyver's Avatar
    Today, 12:31 AM
    Mcgyver replied to a thread 13x40 headstock removal in General
    didn't seem that amazing since its what he said: Or do you have some way of turning between centres not involving the tailstock? Doesn't matter...
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  • bobw53's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 AM
    I am no dog trainer by any stretch of the imagination... But.. I have one dog that WILL NOT go outside the fence.. Background on that one.. She...
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  • d kirby's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 AM
    d kirby replied to a thread What is it? in General
    After having a look at it. Here is what I think... I.D.R.F.C Since you seem to like this type of game, and you are a smart guy I know you will...
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  • kev74's Avatar
    Today, 12:17 AM
    kev74 replied to a thread What is it? in General
    If nothing else, its a nice pile of parts to repurpose.
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  • danlb's Avatar
    Today, 12:09 AM
    danlb replied to a thread Buying my first MIG welder in General
    Oh, you mean the Harbor Freight 90 amp fluxcore only. Largely considered to be the bottom of the barrel when it comes to wire fed welders. I...
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  • Cuttings's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM
    I'm down to the point now where I'm making pieces so small that it should be against the law!!! Brian, I got a good laugh from this comment. On the...
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  • goose's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:58 PM
    goose replied to a thread 13x40 headstock removal in General
    Pretty amazed that you’re pretty sure he was referring to aligning the tailstock when neither he or I mentioned that. Anyways, I was referencing...
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  • davidwdyer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 PM
    davidwdyer replied to a thread What is it? in General
    It looks somewhat like an align boring device used to work on heavy machinery bushings in the field. Someone posted that device here on the forum a...
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  • Lew Hartswick's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:49 PM
    My dad (back in the 40s) lubricated grandmother and grandfather type clocks by putting a little flat container of kerosene in the bottom of the case....
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  • LKeithR's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 PM
    FINALLY! Set the lathe up with a carpenters level; finish with a two-collar test. Anything else is a waste of time...
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  • J Tiers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:29 PM
    Looking at that, the price is not so far out. maybe 2:1 on the high side. It has a lot of fairly rare tooling. I do not know what type collets...
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  • Glug's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:19 PM
    Someone's gotta save the kids.
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  • J Tiers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    J Tiers replied to a thread Buying my first MIG welder in General
    DAN: You said Lincoln 90A unit, and that;s the "little" welder I mean. Was told to weld a 6 x 6 piece of 1/4" steel to a 12 x 24" piece, at right...
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