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  • Yow Ling's Avatar
    Today, 02:54 AM
    Yow Ling replied to a thread What did you do today? in General
    Went racing on my bucket racer , 150cc 19hp 13,000rpm, did a 24km sprint race in the morning and a 60km race in the afternoon, was great fun
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  • Boostinjdm's Avatar
    Today, 02:38 AM
    Saddle done. Took off .013". Any thoughts on adding Z grooves for oil?
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  • macona's Avatar
    Today, 02:31 AM
    macona replied to a thread Foam rubber?? in General
    Sorry, but I do have a Wonder Woman If anyone is wondering I set up a photo booth at a local comic con to raise money for the local Doernbecher...
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  • Norm W's Avatar
    Today, 02:16 AM
    Norm W replied to a thread Foam rubber?? in General
    I was just over to Horror freight today and they had on sale interlocking floor panels of foam for shop floors. Called them "Fatigue mats" covered 7...
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  • Evan's Avatar
    Today, 02:06 AM
    WOW! Now that is what I am looking for. I was seriously think of waiting for the Nobel 1.0 from XYZprinting to come out later this year. It is...
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  • danlb's Avatar
    Today, 01:50 AM
    There is no reason that you can't do scratch start DC tig with it. You need a torch with a valve on it to start and stop the gas, and you need to...
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  • Puckdropper's Avatar
    Today, 01:43 AM
    As long as the lock mechanism works ok, it can be used on the lathe. Set the desired depth (use digital calipers or whatever) and lock it in place. ...
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  • metalbender's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 AM
    There's a 140 amp inverter that guys have done the tig thing with. Flea bay could be a source of plug and play stuff for these little toasters. ...
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  • metalbender's Avatar
    Today, 12:52 AM
    metalbender replied to a thread What did you do today? in General
    Still working on the splitter, pretty stoked, had to recut the threads on the pointy end of the cone. Works good on 2x lumber so far. Have to find...
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  • elf's Avatar
    Today, 12:07 AM
    elf replied to a thread Stainless steel ball joint? in General
    Will carbon steel balls work? They're only case hardened so are fairly easy to drill and tap.
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  • v860rich's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:34 PM
    Thanks Boostinjdm. THANX RICH
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  • DATo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:22 PM
    DATo replied to a thread Shop Made Tools in General
    That's a nice little tool GSWayne. I could have used that last week *LOL* I like the idea of using carbide too. You have inspired me to make one of...
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  • gellfex's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    gellfex replied to a thread Dewalt 18V cordless tools? in General
    I would consider it. I had a 99 vintage DW 14.4 drill that I like quite a lot, but the batteries kept dying. I tried some aftermarket NiMH too. About...
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  • dalee100's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:47 PM
    Hi, Made one many, many moons ago when I was learning to be a machinist in school. Might even have some prints around here some where. Dalee
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  • yf's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    I was wondering the same thing. I can't recall where I saw posted someone doing that. I assume you would just clip the stinger to the tig torch...
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  • Robo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:22 PM
    Robo replied to a thread Dewalt 18V cordless tools? in General
    The yellow chargers will charge both types of batteries.
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  • Mike Nash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    Has anyone else noticed that some of the tools don't have marked anywhere on the box whether the batteries are Li-Ion or NiCad? Also not mentioned is...
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  • Errol Groff's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:57 PM
    Errol Groff replied to a thread What did you do today? in General
    Went to a memorial service for a 2008 grad who died in a motorcycle last week. About 250 people in attendance, it was very sad. I remember him as a...
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  • flylo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:43 PM
    flylo replied to a thread Dewalt 18V cordless tools? in General
    Funny thing is we took on Black & Deckers Pro line(great tools) & could not sell them because of B&Ds poor reputation so they bought Dewalts name &...
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  • J Tiers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    First, let me say that I think countertop has lots of uses in teh shop, and may be a good flat for many HSMs. And let me also say that I will keep...
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  • MTNGUN's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:37 PM
    MTNGUN replied to a thread homemade reamers in Gunsmithing
    Update: the D reamers for the 6x45 cut well, in the sense that they cut easily and left a nice finish. Speed was 40 - 50 rpm. The...
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  • JoeCB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:32 PM
    I have heard that by adding a TIG torch and shielding gas that this little welder will to light TIG work... any experience with this? Your thoughts/...
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  • flylo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:30 PM
    I have all 3 & agree. Actally I have 4 Atlas's, 1-6", 1-10 1934 1st for a 10", 1-10" fresh rebuilt with coolant, 1-10" Pick-O-Matic, All fully...
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  • Boostinjdm's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:28 PM
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  • v860rich's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    By the way you can buy the 18V XRP battery in Lithium Ion or Ni cad the Ni cad is much cheaper and my existing chargers will work. Mike Please...
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  • wierdscience's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 PM
    +1 Given the choice I would take a Logan over either an Atlas or a SB in the same size.
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  • gundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:56 PM
    gundog replied to a thread Dewalt 18V cordless tools? in General
    I just bought a pair of XRP 18V on ebay for $94 and free delivery I also picked up a new impact driver for $58 free delivery it was new unused out of...
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  • wierdscience's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:55 PM
    In case you don't have it already,a PDF of the parts manual for your saw- Wells is a great...
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  • Mr Fixit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:36 PM
    Rebuilt batteries is is not a way to go. At work they tried this and the cells used do not have the AH (amp hours) that the original batteries do. ...
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  • Mr Fixit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:20 PM
    Thanks Guys. It sounds like the level, or amount is not an exact science. I will fill it and see how it goes and let you know if that are any other...
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