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  • ik62owner's Avatar
    Today, 05:35 AM
    No Not hooked up yet, genny has arrived but needs work.....
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  • Forrest Addy's Avatar
    Today, 05:33 AM
    Not me. My point was superficially pretty may be indicative of a good weld but not proof. My other point was welding over rust and scale is poor...
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  • Magicniner's Avatar
    Today, 04:47 AM
    I think he simply obtained a piece of stock from which he could machine the part he wanted, that's a big lump of plate or bar if you're somewhere...
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  • The Artful Bodger's Avatar
    Today, 04:31 AM
    The Artful Bodger replied to a thread Tram my mill? in General
    I now have a longer gib screw and I have cleaned and oiled everything I can get to. Rags have been dragged through the joints where I can...
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  • dave_r's Avatar
    Today, 03:28 AM
    I think most people here would like to weld well. I know I wish I could. But most of the projects I work on, I use pretty thin metal , which seems...
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  • ikdor's Avatar
    Today, 03:24 AM
    A deep groove bearing will have lower friction than a taper one at low loads. One with a low friction seal should be fine for a long time without...
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  • dave_r's Avatar
    Today, 03:16 AM
    At this point, that is pretty much the best we can hope for.
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  • Yow Ling's Avatar
    Today, 03:14 AM
    Yow Ling replied to a thread New Lathe pickup in General
    On the way to Hokitika is Kumara there is only one car sales there and stock is running a bit low All it needs is new oil in the transmission
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  • Yow Ling's Avatar
    Today, 03:12 AM
    Yow Ling replied to a thread New Lathe pickup in General
    Here's the shop, its a normal business , sells hydraulic stuff and engineering stuff. but its kinda like a musem as well loads of interesting and...
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  • J Tiers's Avatar
    Today, 03:09 AM
    I see some folks preaching the message "it don't gotta be pretty to work". (Probably related to "we ain't makin stuff fer NASA"). As if you may as...
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  • Guncraft's Avatar
    Today, 03:06 AM
    Guncraft replied to a thread Heat and End Mills in General
    I will try different brands for sure as that is good advise. As for the Niagara being crappy, I don't think I can call it that because of my limited...
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  • Yow Ling's Avatar
    Today, 03:04 AM
    Yow Ling started a thread New Lathe pickup in General
    A few weeks ago I bought a new lathe , its a Rivett 8" precision made around 1890. It wasnt that far to go to collect , just the other side of the...
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  • Sim's Avatar
    Today, 02:57 AM
    Sim replied to a thread Lathe DRO install in General
    The only type of reader I would consider installing with the readhead above the scale is the Newall-type. The normal glass scales are bound to get...
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  • fastfire's Avatar
    Today, 02:23 AM
    I've never been on or seen a toll rd. in my 58 years. And by the sounds of them I'll avoid them if I ever come upon one.
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  • Joel's Avatar
    Today, 02:16 AM
    Joel replied to a thread Heat and End Mills in General
    I didn't say they were. I thought you did: My mistake. At retail, cost does usually does follow quality with end mills, for the most part. Don't...
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  • Black_Moons's Avatar
    Today, 02:07 AM
    'a win for the public' Except that is exactly what was promised to us what would happen. So its more like 'A rare instance where after much...
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  • Keith_W's Avatar
    Today, 01:45 AM
    Keith_W replied to a thread Wireless VFD in General
    The Cat 3"safe coast stop" means that when the Drive is set up to accept an Emergency Stop Input and the Emergency Stop command is given, e.g. via an...
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  • Tundra Twin Track's Avatar
    Today, 01:28 AM
    This is a table I got at auction,it is real handy with holes for clamping and height adjustment.
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  • wierdscience's Avatar
    Today, 01:27 AM
    wierdscience replied to a thread buying used RV in General
    It's a pretty simple job really,you start at the inlet sock on the pump furthermost from the engine and replace everything all the way up to the tips...
    4 replies | 154 view(s)
  • Guncraft's Avatar
    Today, 01:23 AM
    Guncraft replied to a thread Heat and End Mills in General
    The Maritool 1/8' carbide end mills are made in USA. They are tiny little things and I cannot see why they would have to cost $20.00 considering even...
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  • dave_r's Avatar
    Today, 01:05 AM
    dave_r replied to a thread buying used RV in General
    It's harder to go RV'ing today. More and more people are doing it, and it winds up being a grind. It's not "well honey, where do you want to go...
    4 replies | 154 view(s)
  • dave_r's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 AM
    It could be like the Coquihalla Hwy in BC. It was sold to the public as a toll hwy, where the toll would pay for the cost of building the hwy, then...
    13 replies | 383 view(s)
  • boslab's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 AM
    A lot of hardwoods are poisonous, zink off galv is too, airborne dust is better off not getting in your lungs, also metal fume from cutting, plasma...
    6 replies | 258 view(s)
  • PStechPaul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:57 PM
    PStechPaul replied to a thread buying used RV in General
    Toss out a lowball offer. Tear out the engine, gas tank, and exhaust system. Convert to electric. Plan to drive only 100 miles between campsites, and...
    4 replies | 154 view(s)
  • Jmay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:27 PM
    Wow tough little bearing. How long did it put up with that before it had enough? My thinking is placing to sealed bearings in a spindle and...
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  • fixerdave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:14 PM
    fixerdave replied to a thread DIY Welder Cart in General
    Well, if we're showing off... Here's mine: And, if you look very closely, you'll notice a rag under those gloves up on top. Don't do that....
    11 replies | 689 view(s)
  • PStechPaul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:26 PM
    PStechPaul replied to a thread Way OT- Mice in General
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  • lugnut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:16 PM
    lugnut replied to a thread buying used RV in General
    Sounds like a good RV to turn your back on and walk away, The last thing you want is to have to worry about whether of not you are going to break...
    4 replies | 154 view(s)
  • Black_Moons's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:10 PM
    So I am looking at these power pole things and all I can say is.. add an extra axis and you can use to move your boat too! through super shallow...
    24 replies | 1120 view(s)
  • im#2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:03 PM
    im#2 started a thread buying used RV in General
    I am looking at a 25 year old RV that has set a lot and has fuel problems, like gummed up pumps and the such. 90 model ford 350 so its fuel injected...
    4 replies | 154 view(s)
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