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  • Mr-Mike's Avatar
    Today, 09:50 AM
    Mr-Mike replied to a thread MSC Deals Today - 35% in General
    Love McMaster. Check out takes about 2 seconds. Purchases arrive in 2 days. Meanwhile, MSC has a 30% + free ship over $299 on until July 1.
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  • Shawnba67's Avatar
    Today, 09:39 AM
    I am attempting as a learning project to make a rifle headspace guage. The head space is measured at a point on bottleneck shoulder a certain...
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  • cameron's Avatar
    Today, 09:27 AM
    And a price that's well worth paying.
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  • flylo's Avatar
    Today, 09:20 AM
    flylo replied to a thread MSC Deals Today - 35% in General
    I like the way McMaster Carr does it but was a bit concerned the first few times of giving the OK for an open ended order but they've always been...
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  • Georgineer's Avatar
    Today, 09:19 AM
    Not of your choosing? "Shortly after the American Civil War, Congress authorized the use of the metric system in the Metric Act of 1866 and...
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  • wmgeorge's Avatar
    Today, 09:15 AM
    wmgeorge replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    Thanks for posting, I purchase so little anymore from ENCO I don't even get the emails. I have found that Amazon seems to have the lowest prices for...
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  • ammcoman2's Avatar
    Today, 09:14 AM
    A lathe I bought I had a "farm duty" motor and the start was vicious. I changed the start capacitor to a lower value and it was much more gentle. ...
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  • flylo's Avatar
    Today, 09:08 AM
    flylo replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    Yes it has, I posted it & they called me several times & claim the prices will be the same but after giving them Enco item numbers they came back...
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  • Lew Hartswick's Avatar
    Today, 09:07 AM
    I like it. :-) I had a thought similar, Metric is for those who have to count on their fingers. ...lew...
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  • 1-800miner's Avatar
    Today, 09:05 AM
    1-800miner replied to a thread Paging 1-800 in General
    Some one on facebook named Christian Brink has put together a slideshow that sums up what has happened here. I don't know how but my house has the...
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  • George Bulliss's Avatar
    Today, 09:04 AM
    George Bulliss replied to a thread Paging 1-800 in General
    This probably isn't the best way, but it would be easy enough to start up a new thread that I could stick, in which people could post what they are...
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  • RB211's Avatar
    Today, 09:00 AM
    RB211 replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    Special pricing? Looking up prices for a Mitutoyo Micrometer, Enco was the cheapest between MSC and Grainger, but Amazon Prime was 30$ cheaper than...
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  • John Buffum's Avatar
    Today, 08:59 AM
    John Buffum replied to a thread Lathe Bed Grinders? in General
    I have a Nikon d5100, with the 18-55 "Kit" lens. The kit lens has macro ability. The downside of the d5100 is its size, which limits where you can...
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  • alcova's Avatar
    Today, 08:55 AM
    alcova replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    I had a guy from MSC call me an talk to me about the Enco-MSC merger and he was telling me that the special pricing was only going to last a year...
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  • George Seal's Avatar
    Today, 08:51 AM
    George Seal replied to a thread Paging 1-800 in General
    All right guys Lets all get together and send what we can Someone needs (not me, not smart enough) to set up a way that we can let each other...
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  • boslab's Avatar
    Today, 08:43 AM
    boslab replied to a thread Probably saying goodby in General
    So sad to hear, only seeing stuff on tv has little effect, we're all desensitised I think Mark
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  • J Tiers's Avatar
    Today, 08:41 AM
    J Tiers replied to a thread Dilution of Naval Jelly? in General
    Ditto. Phosphoric acid tends to leave a surface that does NOT flash rust. Oddly, Naval Jelly WILL allow flash rusting, even though it is...
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  • boslab's Avatar
    Today, 08:40 AM
    Cards in a Rolodex might be handy on the bench, threads, drill, equivalents and so on Mark
    29 replies | 1133 view(s)
  • Forrest Addy's Avatar
    Today, 08:38 AM
    Metric is for people who can't divide by 2.
    16 replies | 534 view(s)
  • MichaelP's Avatar
    Today, 08:37 AM
    MichaelP replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    So what changes? The address, name, phone # and the way they display prices? Anyway, thank you for the good news, Flylo. I am sure it will give a...
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  • RB211's Avatar
    Today, 08:26 AM
    RB211 replied to a thread OT: Heathkit Scopes in General
    Where is this 60$ USB pocket scope? I am seeing O scopes on Sparkfun, either stand alone or USB for around 400$
    8 replies | 382 view(s)
  • Doozer's Avatar
    Today, 08:18 AM
    Paul might not have given a long explanation of the theory of using a cap but he for sure knows of what he speaks. If you are not familiar with...
    15 replies | 411 view(s)
  • Baz's Avatar
    Today, 08:13 AM
    something like this but thinner and les plasticy used to be standard at the railway and bus stations before the electronic displays and TVs took...
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  • Doozer's Avatar
    Today, 08:07 AM
    We won all the wars. Why should we kowtow to a system that is not of our choosing? I take your remark as one of aggression and possibly originating...
    16 replies | 534 view(s)
  • RB211's Avatar
    Today, 08:06 AM
    RB211 replied to a thread 2d drawing programs (again) in General
    Ok. I just tried making a drawing in Fusion360, first time actually doing it. Works just like SolidWorks. For me, it's a million times easier and...
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  • winchman's Avatar
    Today, 07:56 AM
    No numbers, but it would occasionally trip a fifteen amp breaker before I added the soft start. Now the motor doesn't jump around or trip the...
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  • Royldean's Avatar
    Today, 07:50 AM
    Royldean replied to a thread ENCO Letter in General
    Really? From Flylo? This has been posted many, many times already....
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  • Rosco-P's Avatar
    Today, 07:26 AM
    Drill (reground carbide masonry drill), tap and heli-coil them to match your other tool holders. Or...find a screw machine shop to make a small...
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  • Rosco-P's Avatar
    Today, 07:19 AM
    Rosco-P replied to a thread Dilution of Naval Jelly? in General
    Haven't experienced that problem using phosphoric/Jasco Metal Prep. My choice vs. cola, molasses, vinegar, etc., anything that requires rinsing,...
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  • rws's Avatar
    Today, 06:44 AM
    rws replied to a thread MSC Deals Today - 35% in General
    A followup on buying some inserts. I called Arthur Warner, they make HSS inserts. For shipping the 4 inserts, I was quoted $6+, a USPS small flat...
    8 replies | 363 view(s)
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