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02-12-2005, 06:10 PM
Sense no one responded to my last post about this mill, I'll ask this......... How could this mill sell for $280.34?

02-12-2005, 06:12 PM
Ypu might need the link. ;-)

02-12-2005, 06:18 PM

AND I PAID $50.00 FOR MY OLD CINN. #1 IT has all the same features. there is not much call for them.

02-12-2005, 06:52 PM
i picked up my old B&S #2 Universal with some cutters, arbors, and the vertical head for $200 (that included loading). i'd say the B&S is maybe a bit better than that one on ebay.
i found another one that had no bids on ebay for $150. i asked the guy what he'd sell it for and he told me $200. i guess he was smoking something.

andy b.

02-12-2005, 06:59 PM
Do you happen to have the manual for the b&s #2 a friend needs one, I would pay for any copy and s&h charges.


02-12-2005, 07:42 PM
auhhhh!!!!!!LUCKY! I'd love to have that guy's problem! I've been working on MAKING a horizontal mill for months now, and it wont cost quite that much but it dos'nt event come close in capability... It's hard to belive it went that cheap.

02-12-2005, 08:26 PM
Paul, saw that one last night & would have bid had it been closer. Been to auctions where no one bid on a machine like this, so they add this machine to the next one and sell two-for-one.

Barry Milton

02-12-2005, 08:30 PM
Drives me nuts when they combine lots like that.

Usually it's soemthing big and heavy that I dont want with some small tooling or sometihng that I do want.

So, I can get the small thing if I want to pay a rigger 300 bucks to load the machine on a trailer to take to the scrap yard.


02-12-2005, 08:32 PM
Not unlike this?


02-12-2005, 08:51 PM

not only do i have "a" manual for the B&S #2, but it actually came with the original manual in perfect condition (the entire machine is in excellent condition actually). i think copies are going for $100 or so, so i'd gladly sell you one.

just kidding. email me your address and i'll make a copy at work next week and send it to you.

andy b.

kap pullen
02-12-2005, 09:41 PM
That's about what they go for these days.
They're relics for the most part.
They're clumsey, heavy, and shops want cnc machines, or Bridgeports.
Not my idea, but the facts as I see it.

02-12-2005, 10:56 PM
I bought a Cincinnati no 3 horizontal a couple of years ago for $200.00 at a General Motors auction. It is a heavy sucker 8300 lbs. Just getting around this year to rewiring the pigtails for 220 volts. I have to pull the 7 1/2 hp motor out to get to the pot. The motor has 5 belts driving the mill. I also bought a vertical head for it, which I can hardly wait to use this summer.
Yes they do go cheap at most auctions. Cheers, Pat

02-12-2005, 11:09 PM
With the tooling and arbors, I can see the price.

I have an old horizontal set up to run with regular end mills as a vertical milling machine type thing - spindle horizintal though. Accurate as can be, and teaches the theory quite well. I love using it on deep pocketing ops for gravity is a great thing when it comes to this - chips do not re-cut.

02-12-2005, 11:19 PM
Geez, those things are lucky to bring $25 at the local shop auctions I've been to lately. Most of the time they don't get any bidders.

02-12-2005, 11:21 PM
LOL, I could of picked it up locally, he would of had a hissy fit, but again, it weighs so much, I couldnt do it anyhow.

02-12-2005, 11:23 PM
Same here,how many you want for $280.34? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

02-12-2005, 11:35 PM
Sorry, I am plum out of space. But thanks anyway for the offer. If I had more space I would buy anothere cnc mill or a cnc lathe. Pat

02-13-2005, 07:18 AM
$100.00 for a manual, most would not give that for the whole machine.but thanx

Your Old Dog
02-13-2005, 07:42 AM
That should give backyard machinist a scare. That machine weighs 3785 pounds. What would it have sold for at the scrap yard? Might mean that sources for these big'uns are gonna dry up as steel prices soar.

02-13-2005, 01:20 PM
there was one of those huge lathes that sold for 300 dollars it was the one from quebec in canada, i think it was the cauzeneuve one or sumtin, no one wanted it at the time, which is why it sold for so little..