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02-10-2005, 09:49 PM
I'll get it started, but I expect you'll need to ask some questions to help me out.

I have an Atlas 12" lathe, with an Atlas milling attachment.

I have turned what will become a die-stock out of aluminum, 3.5" in diameter, with a hole 1.625 x 4 threaded in it. I need to mill a slot on the face connecting the outer diameter to the inner, in which a v-shaped cutter will be secured.

I can't fit it in the vise of the milling attachment (a 2" capacity). Any suggestions?


02-10-2005, 09:58 PM
I don't know what your lathe/mill looks like but you apparently turned the part in the lathe chuck. Can you bolt the chuck to the mill table?


02-10-2005, 10:02 PM
Don't use the milling attachment.

I made an angle plate attachment to fasten to the topslide in the same manner as the milling attachment, and used that for milling odd shapes the attachment would not accomodate.

02-10-2005, 10:10 PM
Hmm Ed, don't quite understand what you are doing. But you have a hole in your ali 1-5/8" x 4 threaded, don't understand the thread part but never mind. Can you screw or press some stock into the hole and clamp onto that? Vee shaped cutter in die stock, huh?


02-10-2005, 10:22 PM
Good ideas, guys, thanks. Hmmmmm.

Mike -- Might be able to secure a threaded section in the vise and thread the chuck onto that.

JC -- The topslide has a round dovetailed affair that the compound or milling attachment slips over and attaches to with tapered pins. (It would be easier if it just bolted on.) I could bore out a plate and attache the angle plate to that.

John -- That's probably the easiest. If I can attach something to the part, and then clamp that something in the vise, that just might do the trick.

BTW, the v-cutter is because the die stock is for cutting threads in wood to make large threaded wooden rods for bookbinding vises.


02-10-2005, 11:06 PM
convulsive conundrum,eh?is that the same as PITA? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif


02-10-2005, 11:58 PM
It's what you do when when you are stumped and you want to attract the notice of some of the experts. Try starting a thread with PITA and see if you get an help

02-13-2005, 09:31 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Here is what I ended ups using.

First I drilled and tapped an aluminum block.

I love this old $35 tapping attachment.

02-13-2005, 09:33 PM
Then I attached the part to the block, and since I don't have a surface plate, I used a jointer table to lay out the cut.


Then I mounted the block in the milling machine vise.

02-13-2005, 09:37 PM
I had to remove one of the threads, so I had to remount the piece. I was able to turn the vise in the milling attachment while adjusting the topslide to mill out a thread following a cam sort of path.


The next time I post, I should have finished what will amount to a large (1 5/8") die for cutting wood threads.

Thanks for the help.

Anybody have some suggestions as to how I might do better? This is the first time in years I have tried anything this complicated.



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02-13-2005, 09:42 PM
Got the job done, very good. Bet you cursed the clamp out the front a bit. Must have managed to work around it though.


02-13-2005, 11:16 PM
I'm not quite sure what's happening there, but if you're cutting relief to make flutes, could you have just used the mill and plunged an end mill in a pattern similar to a standard die?


I'm probably just not considering the function properly.

You got 'er done.

02-13-2005, 11:25 PM
In wood, the thread is cut with a sharp cutter. I'll post a picture when I get it cut. The one cutter does the work different from the metal-cutting die.