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02-20-2005, 08:48 PM
man i am so stoked! i have been working on the B&S #2 Universal mill and had a few bumps to overcome. first, i want to thank David and viking for the tips on rewiring for 220V. the transformer works perfect, and i DO need to get a new set of heaters for the table feed motor. the starter is an older GE model, but it looks like the heaters are a stock item.

well after i got everything fired up i needed to check the spindle rotations. not that big of a deal (or so i thought) as the oil pumps are run off of a cam on the various input shafts. the cam just pushes a "plunger type" oil pump. no gears, so as long as the piston moves in and out, the pump pumps oil. well i had to rewire the motors from 440V to 220V, so i attempted to keep the phases the same. to check the motor rotations, the manual says to activate the power feed for the table and if it moves in the correct direction, then the motor is rotaing correctly. well my second problem was that the power feeds wouldn't engage properly. so i checked the spindle rotation, and it was reversed. the manual states to swap the phases at the main input, and NOT individual motors, as they are set correctly at the factory (well, that was my first mistake as the factory has not been seen by this piece of equipment for 60 years). i swapped two lines at the main input and figured i was good to go.

my next problem was the power feeds not engaging. i tried playing with the various levers and turning things by hand, but not much luck. my next step was to pull the power feed gear box. it didn't look THAT bad, but i wasn't exactly excited about it. well to get at it there are a few covers and such that needed to be removed, and i figured i'd check things as i went along. first i pulled the oil pump and filter screen. notice i didn't say, "first i drained the oil", as there was no oil. the screen was clean and the pump looked good, so back in they went. next, i got to a point where i could see the main output shaft from the gear box. i figured i'd engage the table feed and see which way everything moved when i turned the output shaft. that was a good idea until i found i couldn't engage the table feed. oh well, mark that down on the to-do list and try another axis. the column operated smoothly, and that feed seemed to engage okay. so i turned the output shaft to see which way it was supposed to move, and stood back and engaged the motor. sure enough, it was reversed. i switched the two legs on the main power input back and swapped two leads for the main spindle motor and tried the start lever again. ALRIGHT! everything rotated correctly. i though, hmm, maybe this was why i couldn't get the various feeds to stay engaged. i started the feed motor back up and the column and table y-axis engaged perfectly. yes!! i lucked out again. no need to pull the feed gear box now! i filled it with oil and started it back up. i could see oil flowing through the sight windows and the feeds still worked.

next was back to the table tansverse feed. it turns out that there is an interlock to prevent the table feeds from being engaged when the table is locked. i loosened that up and the feed engaged, but no table movement. oh well, this was saturday night, and it was getting to be a long day so i headed back to the house with my trusty manual to see what could be the problem. well there are only about 10 parts in the table feed. they were all there, but something wasn't engaging. i did some digging and the table has a power shaft to drive a special dividing head. the table can be set to turn the dividing head to make a rotary cut, or it can be set to drive the power shaft AND the table leadscrew to cut a spiral. for some reason they had switched the drive gears so only the power shaft turned. ANOTHER LUCKY BREAK!!! this morning (sunday) i headed back out to the shop to swap the gears around. sure enough, the power feed for the table now engages and the table moves!

so now i am a very happy man. everything seems to be working, the pumps are pumping, the feeds are feeding. i start giving everything a good cleaning and wire brushing. so it's maybe 10:45 am or so sunday. i get everything cleaned up and figure i'll grab a few photos to show off this fine machine. i'm thinking, hey, why not stick the vertical head attachment on just for good looks. i wipe it off and put it on and snap a few pics. when i got the mill i asked if they had the drive arbor for the vertical head, and they said they had no idea what happened to it. i checked the spindle bore and it was 1.25", so i planned on getting a piece of shaft monday and cutting a keyway in it on the shaper. i was still trying to figure out how to hold the shaft in some sort of adapter to match the NT40 taper on the main spindle. i remember i have a box of drive arbors i got with another mill (an even older B&S #0 Omniversal), and i get to thinking, why not just make a bushing to go on one of the other spindles. i'm checking through the box to see what size bushing i need, and what do i find, but a 1.25" drive arbor! HOT DANG!!! i am now at 100%!!! so now you can see why i am happier than a pig in the motherlode hole of slop! this plan truly came together.

so here are a few pics of the mill from this morning. i need to level it yet, but otherwise she is ready to go.


thanks again to everyone on here for their tips and suggestions that got me thinking!

andy b.

02-20-2005, 09:19 PM
NICE machine andy_b,
Very solid looking machine, it looks as though you can move the vertical head in or out, just needing a longer 1-1/4" arbor or sort of pretending the vertical head is a cutter, you know, use just a standard milling arbor. The table looks in excelent shape no apprentise marks, just missing the vise. It's going to be a real work horse for you. Nice


charlie coghill
02-20-2005, 10:24 PM
Andy as you have found out, on a machine that old, you can not count on things being as they were when they left the factory. Too many heros that think they know what they are doing start messing with things and who knows what you will get.
Very good work, I kind of enjoy making things like that work.