View Full Version : anilam crusader m cnc

03-04-2005, 09:55 AM
hey guys. i got the anilam cnc kind of running , sort of. maybe. kinda. Its been a while since ive talked to anyone on here, sorry for being busy. missed you all. heres my problem, i can send the program to my computer via rs-232, to hyperterminal, however, i can not seem to get the controller to recieve a program when i send one back.any ideas?
i need a z axis. none of the subroutines will work because the control cards i have are programmed with three axis software. linear scales i believe are 10 micron resolution. im a little confused on how this relates to pulses/per inch. i want to use a rotary encoder for the z axis, but im not sure how to figure what line count i need. basicly, the pulse train would have to be equal to the linear encoders pulses/per inches as is or with a pulley ratio.
what about the linux Emc??? i have servos and servo amplifiers. i need to buy a motion card if i go this route ., about 600bucks. Ibewgypsie, how does your system work? i have the BDi disc, checked it out. very intriguing to be able to control off the pc.