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G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 01:54 AM
I have started to build a web page that will feature Cochrane area home shop metal workers. Metal working, like all good things, is becoming more popular here. Here is a link to what we have so far. There will be lots more within the next couple of weeks. By next weekend there will be more photos of Andy's shop, Ducan's shop and Alex Kirkbride's shop. (Alex has built a very fine blacksmiths shop)


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03-08-2005, 04:10 AM
George, nice site I will watch it grow.


03-08-2005, 08:33 AM
George, I've bookmarked your site so I can keep an eye on you guys http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Geez....it's too bad you guys aren't in Cochrane, Alta! Only a 4 hour drive. That tractor you built is cuter than a bugs ear! Bet the kids love it!

03-08-2005, 08:39 AM
Cool!Got it book marked.

Tell us more about rolling your own webpage,I have always wanted to start one,although I would probably be the first guy to get kicked off the net for content http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

03-08-2005, 10:16 AM
Beautiful site! Good job. But, I'm jealous. I wish I were that young looking when I retired. :-)


03-08-2005, 10:18 AM
Well George, knowing you, it was only a matter of time! Nice job, sure wish I could come up with some poeple in this area to get together like you guys do. Really nice site. Will have to look into one.
Jim http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif

G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 10:33 AM
Roll your own web page http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif


G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 10:35 AM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Orrin:
Beautiful site! Good job. But, I'm jealous. I wish I were that young looking when I retired. :-)


I wish that I could have worked until 65 http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//frown.gif

Herb W
03-08-2005, 10:37 AM
Nice, George! I have it bookmarked too.
btw, first time I've seen a steel wheeled walk behind tractor.

03-08-2005, 11:44 AM
The site is dead right now. I'm guessing you have exceeded a bandwidth limit.

G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 12:08 PM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Evan:
The site is dead right now. I'm guessing you have exceeded a bandwidth limit.</font>

Does that mean that to many people are tring to access it at the same time? Or, did I screw up somehow? http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//confused.gif

03-08-2005, 12:21 PM
I don't know for sure George. The error message only says the site is "frozen". It doesn't give any specifics or other info.

G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 03:19 PM
Well that just SUCKS!!! Checked into the problem and sure enough all bandwidth was used up. Want more you got to pay. They have me hooked by the balls and are reeling me in http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//eek.gif

Oh well http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//rolleyes.gif payed my dues so it should be up and running again within 24 hours.

03-08-2005, 04:53 PM
Doesnt your isp offer you web space? Comcast gives me over 200 megs I think.

03-08-2005, 04:59 PM
With Comcast I was getting 100 meg, Bill.. I got 10 with my current server. (that sucks)

I usually post my pictures on Photo-bucket and use my webspace to host my page. Too many hits there and they make you pay a industrial rate thou. They don't have a sense of humor.


Mike Burdick
03-08-2005, 06:01 PM
G.A. Ewen,

Get a web site for real. Here's one that has great people to work with and is only $7.77 per month and 5 Gigs/day bandwidth. I've had a web site with them for 3 years now and no complaints. There are probably others with the same deal. Check it out.


G.A. Ewen
03-08-2005, 07:19 PM
Mike, thanks for the link. I have it bookmarked for future use. I have paid for six months use with FreeWeb to see how it goes. If it turns out to be unsatisfactory I will look into your suggestion.

03-08-2005, 08:28 PM
ive found, the free sites cost more than pay sites cc

03-08-2005, 10:29 PM
That is the craziest 2 wheeled tractor I have ever seen! Looks like it should be named the mangler, widower, stumpy, or DOA or something! I have good luck with Doteasy, my site has been up for a year or so. It is 17 bucks or so a year, no popups etc, just a happy customer. One other thing regarding bandwith is to edit your pics a bit. If you have photoshop just open pic, then save pic in web format, pick 4-up option where it will give you 4 seperate resolutions and you will see you really can cut back on pic size without losing significant quality.


03-09-2005, 02:10 AM
Looking good George. They have pretty nice templates for site design.

Michael Az
03-09-2005, 09:52 AM
Nice site George. Since I live in Az., I guess I can't join.

03-11-2005, 12:19 AM
Just a note, jpg's can be saved at lesser than 100% quality, and their file size shrinks. Most often the difference in quality isn't noticeable or doesn't matter for our casual viewing.

G.A. Ewen
03-14-2005, 04:19 PM
Now a total of six. More to come.

03-14-2005, 05:39 PM
G.A. Ewen do you have any info on your home made mill I want to build one and am looking for tips and ideas

Matt in AK

03-14-2005, 05:51 PM
is there a way to contact A. Kirkbride I would like to pick his brain on his bridge rectifier for his ac buzzbox, I want to build one for mine

Matt in AK

G.A. Ewen
03-14-2005, 07:31 PM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mattc:
is there a way to contact A. Kirkbride I would like to pick his brain on his bridge rectifier for his ac buzzbox, I want to build one for mine

Matt in AK</font>
Alex doesn't have internet service where he lives. Send an e-mail to metalmuncher49@gmail.com with ATT. A . Kirkbride and I will forward it to him.

The Village Press can provide you with a copy of my short artical from the Feb/Mar 2002 Machinist Workshop.

03-14-2005, 07:51 PM

What do you want to know? I built a bridge for my buzzbox and it isn't very difficult. I used some ceramic stud rectifiers rated at something like 800 amps mounted on copper heat sinks with forced air cooling. I used copper tubing to make connections between the rectifiers and heavy guage cable to the plugs on the front of the box. I'll take a few pics if you like.

03-15-2005, 12:57 AM
if you could send me some pics I would sure appreciate it I dont know much about this type of wireing but I prefer welding with dc instead of ac and my final goal is to set the welder up to work as an ac/dc tig welder
my email is mdc11@cvinternet.net

thanks for any help
Matt in AK

03-15-2005, 02:14 AM
I'll take some pics of the inside tommorow after work. You don't need to use copper for a heat sink, aluminum will do. For mine I used a large electrical box instead of trying to fit it in the welder. Short jumpers are used from the welder to the rectifier. You don't need a huge heatsink as the amount of power dissipated isn't that high. With a diode drop of around 0.8 volts the maximum wattage per diode at 200 amps is around 160 watts. But, with a 20 percent duty cycle at 200 amps the average wattage for the entire bridge over time is less than 160 watts.


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