View Full Version : OT- E-mail distribution lists

03-15-2005, 12:52 PM
As part of my ever-varied job, I have to write and send out company press releases. The writing part is easy, but the sending out is turning into a major pain.

I've got about 250 e-mail addresses. Microsoft Outlook, the e-mail program we use, seems to be totally brain-dead about distribution lists. The most names any list can contain is about 100, probably fewer. I've created 3 separate lists, of about 75-80 names each, and that seems to have totally brought Outlook to its knees...even when I'm not doing anything with the distribution lists, I think Outlook still searches through them every time I do anything, at all, with e-mail, and totally bogs down. I'm unimpressed.

So...do any of you know of any software that's capable of processing a list of 250 e-mail addresses and sending out an e-mail without throwing up?

Does Thunderbird have distribution list capability that actually works?