View Full Version : V belt source?

03-21-2005, 12:35 AM
Any one know of an online source for buying the smaller vbelts? 1/4 inch, 5mm or 6mm width range. Looked at MSC and McMaster, nope.

Michael C
03-21-2005, 12:45 AM
Maybe try talking to customer service at MSC. They can get many items from their suppliers that are not in the catalog. Another source would be your local bearing supply store, they usually have access to a huge supply of belts.


03-21-2005, 12:48 AM
Motion equipment. or any bearing power train supplier. Look in yellow pager under power train or bearings,

03-21-2005, 01:10 AM

Closest location is:
5707 "F" Street
Omaha, NE 68117
phone 402-733-6110

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03-21-2005, 06:01 AM
i just got 4,6mm wide at the top 500mm long,it took 3 weeks to get them from germany,and they to short for me by 15mm and cantget anymore adjustment,if you cant get fixed up with one,you can have one of these,if the 500mm meets your needs

03-21-2005, 09:22 AM
McMaster Carr has them. I know because I ordered 1/4 belts from them. Fast too!!

03-21-2005, 09:38 AM
Try Here: https://sdp-si.com/eStore/

Look under Belts&Cables/V-Belts. They have assorted 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2".


03-21-2005, 10:35 AM
Thanks all. I misspoke. What i exactly need is a 3/16 or 5mm wide by 750mm belt. Looked at sdp and Mcmasters. I have a 1/4 from Mcmaster and its just a little too wide for the step pulleys. Thanks all anyway.