View Full Version : Spline fix

04-30-2005, 06:21 AM
Here are thtree ways I have fixed stripped splines.
1.The first works on lever that are secured with a clamp bolt like a motorcycle shift lever for instance, clean the the all splines as best you can with a jewelers file then then file away the splines to the right and left sides of the clamping slit,install the bolt, tighten it up and be on your way
2also a drop or two of loctite "secures gears will help"
2. For other splines I have used loctite " stripped thread epoxy just follow the directions and substitute shaft for bolt
in the instructions.
3.(only works on aluminum) if the lever is aluminum and the shaft is steel I heat the shaft up, position the lever in the press with a speical bolt (the threads ground away
in the middle) tighten the clamp bolt, align
the hot shaft up with the hole and press in through.
4. Stubbing new splines from another shaft is an option too.