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Your Old Dog
05-03-2005, 06:04 AM
I have a 1958 copy of South Bend Lathes 80 page catalog. I think it might be useful to other SBL types as it shows what was once available for all their line of machines.

I scanned the entire catalog into Acrobat 6 at 300 dpi and when I was done I only had every other page. Then, to rub salt, I couldn't find a way to scan in the missed pages after it had been flattened. Any ideas what I may have done wrong? I'm not familiar with the software. I have not found any place to set preferences.

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05-07-2005, 08:17 AM
A bit late on the reply, had to take a plane ride for the company. Anyhow.... As I recall there is a feature in Adobe to insert a page. I think that it is on the pulldown menu off of edit? Also, there is a feature to move pages around. So you could scan the missing ones and move thme into place. I will look when I get back to the office.

I know what your saying about frustration. I had a book that I scanned at some un-godly dpi so that I could use the OCR (optical character reconition (sp?)) feature in order to make the document searchable and a bit smaller in the end. I scanned about 3 pages and played with the OCR. It worked. I then scanned the entire book on telescope making and somewhere or at sometime the computer decided that it was not going to do the OCR anymore. 1 week of work after the regular job shot to h$#%. I was nearly mad enough to build a spud gun that would launch my computer.

I have Adobe 7 at work and it has some sort of option to compact the file. Cut a 20 meg book on special sheet metal cutting patterns and formulas down to 8 meg. You might look for that feature when you are done.

Good luck. rock-

05-07-2005, 08:29 AM
when you scan black and white stuff......scan it in colour.....
it makes a hell of a difference .....especialy for the photographs.
...just something I learned..very quickly.when I first started scanning.
all the best..mark

Your Old Dog
05-07-2005, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the replies. I was scanning in color and 300 dpi. The brochure is done on glossy/polished paper but some of the BW photos look blocked up. For it to be of any use to someone it had to be scanned in color at 300 dpi. With those settings you could actually zoom in and see thru some of the blocked up images and make out detail.

I still have the saved off copy of the every other page version. I'll see if it's possible to either interject a page or copy them to the end and then move them up. I'm running acrobat 6

thanks for the help. If I can get it to fly I'll post it to my website and guys can download it from there if they want it.