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06-20-2005, 07:40 PM
I'm getting my butt kicked. I have been trying to write a simple input from my two stick gamepad into bobcad in vbscript.

If, then's don't work exactly like the visual basic 6 or old basic. basica, turbo basic, or any other basic I have programmed in.

Is there help on the net?

I want to throw a character to the program from the keyboard buffer (my common dialog from joystick) and make it jump in vbscript to a subroutine to do the selected function I press one button.. ie: POV buttons circle around in viewpoint (a simple command that works by it'self without the if's and thens interjected.) I did finally get it to recognize one button.. And then,,,, Using the Ask-dialog box input the Z-A joystick values to manipulate the 3d space..

Is there a vbscripting manual out there somewhere I can buy?

David Cofer, Of:
Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

06-20-2005, 07:44 PM

Right now, this program uses a single stick joystick to simulate a mouse or trackball. Left stick #1 runs cursor with a GetCursor/PutCUrsor command. Left click is on left front trigger, right click on right bottom, Middle click on top left, Enter key is on top right trigger. Other buttons throw a number value to keyboard.

Lemme know what it needs. It runs with directX.. So you must have it loaded.


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06-20-2005, 09:04 PM

Have you tried Planet Source Code. Here is the forum http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/discussion/AskAProMain.asp?lngWid=1

If you have not been there before, it is a huge site. I have gotten answers quickly at all hours of the day.


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