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06-17-2005, 06:35 PM

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06-17-2005, 06:39 PM
WHATEVER YOU DO........Don't weld it to the table.
PS, put the mill in the vice.
That has got to be the funnist thing ive seen all day

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06-17-2005, 06:41 PM
Definately get a bigger mill, that poor mill is dwarfed by your vise.

06-17-2005, 06:47 PM
"Is it to big for my little mill, should I get a bigger mill or a smaller vise or just do whatever works?"

I think you should get a smaller vise.


bigger mill, bigger mill


Paul Alciatore
06-17-2005, 07:18 PM
Definitely too big for that mill. Just box it up carefully and send it to me and I will return a smaller one that will work just fine.

Paul A.

06-17-2005, 10:15 PM
Not much x axis left eh?

06-17-2005, 10:38 PM
I can see the vice but where's the mill. http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif


06-18-2005, 12:37 AM
Whatever you do , DON'T OPEN THE JAWS! It might swallow the mill!

Norman Atkinson
06-18-2005, 12:47 AM
Och, the size of it!

or as William Blake wrote of those dark Satanic mills.

And did those feet in ancient times?
I hope that safety boots are being worn.


06-18-2005, 12:51 AM
That's exactly the milling vice that you want. It is designed for the job. It looks usable as you have it, and when you move on to a bigger mill you won't have to buy a new vice. Your Children must love you.

jack d
06-18-2005, 10:15 AM
Hey bud, nice to meet myself http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif.
You have a swivel base too?
There goes the z-axis... http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif.
Bigger mill, bigger mill, bigger mill.
Machining is just sculpting metal, but with nicer tools for removal of stock. Think of yourself as an artist.
What a nice Fathers Day present.... your a lucky guy.
Take care,


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06-18-2005, 01:43 PM
Obviously it is a hint from the kids to buy a larger mill!

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Alistair Hosie
06-18-2005, 02:40 PM
My sentiments exactly Ken http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif Alistair

06-18-2005, 09:03 PM
Enjoy the ribbing it is well meant. I also have a minimill and a 3"vise.There are some jobs that require a big vise but most of mine are done on a smaller 2"job. The big vise really holds things well and gets the job done.

" I met a man who had a big vise and then I met a man who had no vise."

My mini sort of breathes when the end mill gets into the job. I realize that elasticity is is a stretchy term when talking about our small mills.The big vise saves stuffing around with all those bits in the hold down kit. The first time I used it I had to get some threaded rod from the store and make up a few short lengths to fit our little mills.
full marks for the photograph.

06-18-2005, 09:16 PM
The pictures I post have plenty of people ribbing, laughing.. But ya gotta just be like a duck and let it roll off'n your back like water.

A pair of angles, some t-bolts and a screw jack was what I used on several jobs I did here.. Homemade stuff..

Whatever floats your boat. That vise is going to wear the positioning screws on your table pronto tho. Some people have used doublesided tape to stick things for light jobs.

06-18-2005, 09:41 PM
I've always heard that before you mount a vice you should buy it dinner and take it to a movie first, but what do I know... http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//smile.gif

06-21-2005, 03:07 AM
Hey Ibewgypsie,
Those screwjacks sound pretty handy can you show us the littlest ones on a job. Can they be made up from the scrap bin.

Your Old Dog
06-21-2005, 06:07 AM
You gotta be proud of that family! Unless they changed the pricing schedule, the bigger ones cost more than the tiny ones!

Maybe someone was right when they elluded to the fact the vice is fine, the mill is small. If you upgrade the mill don't get a RungFoo like mine, you're gonna have to step all the way up to a "Bridgy" as they say. A really big Bridgy ! Congratulations, not so much on the vice as on the family!


06-21-2005, 12:00 PM
It's not the size of your vise, but how you use it. If you have enough "Z" axis left for the jobs you do it is fine. I mount my vise as yours is but on the right side on the table so it leaves room on the left to mount to the table or another fixture. Then change it over to the left for the next 6 months and keep rotating to keep wear even. The larger the vise the more ridged it will be.


06-21-2005, 04:23 PM
Whatever you do DON'T GET RID OF IT! Place that gift in a location of honor, or at least very obvious to your children. http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//biggrin.gif

I will add another yes vote to the bigger mill club! http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net//wink.gif

06-22-2005, 01:47 AM
mill 2" off of the top, bottom, and both sides.

not only will it be the perfect size, it'll be nice and square with your quill.

use an 1/8" two flute with alot of coolant.

06-22-2005, 08:52 AM
Jack, looks like you have mounted it ok for now without instructions, Now PAY ATTENTION! You next need to aquire a larger mill, sugest a 10" x 54" table with variable speed and so forth, aquire this with a 4" vise, then repost here advising the board members that you have a small mill with a large vise and a large mill with a small vise,what should you do? Post pictures and the board members will advise you further on this matter. Happy chipping, Les H.

3 Phase Lightbulb
06-22-2005, 11:29 AM

Here is what that vise looks like mounted on my milling machine. I think my Kurt vise is the same size as yours:

My Kurt milling vise (http://www.bbssystem.com/bridgeport.jpg)


06-22-2005, 11:52 AM
what is that i see in your photo? its not "floor" is it?

that thing up against the wall with the bristles on the bottom.. and that yellow bucket in the background... how do they make chips?

3 Phase Lightbulb
06-22-2005, 12:29 PM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by knucklehead:
what is that i see in your photo? its not "floor" is it?

that thing up against the wall with the bristles on the bottom.. and that yellow bucket in the background... how do they make chips?</font>

Yup, it's floor.. I've been working very hard lately trying to make more of it..

The yellow bucket in the background is the best tool of all.. It doesn't make chips, but it does eat them and it even eats all of the chips that get into the table slots.