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Primarily small metal side window locking device. Also for the rear sliding window a metal clip of sorts that allows the back window to be held in a closed position. These would be used after someone breaks into your truck while you and the wife and home security system were gone for a week holiday. We suspect a inside neighbour friend of sorts and have implemented corrective remedial action. Thankyou all.

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all the best..mark

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Sorry to hear your truck got broken into. But if someone wants in they'll get in.. Shame. The trick is to make your property look unattractive to thieves. Have a security company come out and get you a estimate.. make it a time when you know your noisiest neighbor will see it. Buy a couple of their placards to place out front. Word will get around that your place is not cool to loot. Then I'd do is place a motion light up along with a camera real or otherwise with a red LED that blinks. Maybe take a motion detector on rig it to a 12v relay wire to a air horn... buzzer... bell. It's bad when the neighbors are waiting for you to let your guard down. I totally understand that situation. Anyway what's this gizzmo you came up with?

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sorry to hear your truck got broken into. someone hit my buddy's truck when he was staying with me in broad daylight one morning and made off with over a thousand bucks worth of cds and miscellaneous junk, including the alarm we were going to install the following saturday...

i think one huge secret to protecting your home is lots of perimeter lighting and motion sensors. we've got a light at the front glass slider door that's always on and one at the kitchen window, then a motion sensor immediately after you enter the gate to the backyard and another one right above the door to the shed full of tools out back. the light on the shed points right into my parents' bedroom window, two feet above their sleeping heads, and it never goes off unless someone's out there. nobody's ever tried to break into the house and we live in an area where things have been lifted from the garage in broad daylight on several occasions. my friend's truck was directly across the street, which is poorly lit. i park my truck right at the curb in front of my house and there's a streetlight directly above it. nobody's ever messed with mine.

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go knock on some wood so i don't jinx myself...

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I just don't get it! Maybe I'm getting old.


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Mike, I told you to move out here to the promised land.
Doug, from Cold Lake, Alberta.

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...shoulda put the propane in the AC and a "Smokers Welcome Here" sign on the dash.