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09-02-2005, 09:16 PM
Here are a couple of pictures of my new steam powered cement mixer. it is about 6 feet wide, and 11 feet long. I have to get a buddy of mine to lend me a trailer to go pick it up. Can anybody give me an estimate on how much this thing might weigh, and how strong a winch I will need to haul it up onto a flat bed trailer? it is going to go in my front yard, and boy, is the new neighbor going to be mad.



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I'm assuming that the red "X" shaped assembly in the square enclosure is the mixing tub. I'd remove that to lighten it up. Is the engine in the back?

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Judging from the wheels and axles, I'd say around 5,000 pounds. Getting it up on a trailer will depend on what kind of ramps and the angle. If you have flat surface ramps with no more than about a 2 in 6 rise, you could probably use a 2,000lb winch. If they're the typical angle iron ramps, you'll need about a 9,000lb. winch.

If at all possible, load it in an area where you can get the ramps near straight out. You can do this my finding a ditch and put the trailer wheels in the ditch. You can also back the trailer up to a sharp rise. I had to do this to get my Crawler loaded/unloaded. The street pads would slip on the trailer ramps--No traction.

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when you say steam powered, you mean steam powers the engine next to the mixing container, right? the steam is supplied by a boiler that is not included in this deal i'm guessing. or is the mixer actually belt -powered? that is a large belt pulley next to what i'm referring to as the steam engine. why are you going to make it a lawn ornament, or are you planning to restore it at some point?

that is a neat piece of old equipment and i hate to see it just rust away in your yard. it would probably be a good test of your home shop machining skills to get it back in running condition.

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