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10-23-2005, 12:15 PM

Before reading this, it does have me in the article, but some background. Sawar Kashmieri is a man on a mission to grow manufacturing. he has also become a great personal friend in all of this. He has a love of machining that comes from a man who has discovered us in recent years - later in his life, and believes we are artists.

It is not bad in all areas of the country for machinists. I can and will only speak to my area where we have many manufacturers and decent paying jobs in compare to other fields. Our issues come from past layoffs all through the 1980's where J&L Lathe, Fellows Gear shaper, Joy Compressor, and in the 1990's Cone Blanchard went out of Biz. In their place have come Timken, Hypertherm, Thermal Dymanics, Spectra, Design Standards and about 30 to 40 other smaller Research and Development and Job shops of anywhere between 100 to 30 employees. There are almost 40 more of less than 20 to 5 employees. Most started by the "castoffs" of the other shops, or people realizing the skills of the people in our area.

The problem comes with an older workforce getting their earned retirement, loss of foundation skills, and the "menu of Jobs" which now include Nanotech, Biotech, medical - Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital and tghree other good size hospitals, Cabinetry manufacturing, house manufacturing, and high tech such as networking and computer programming, and internet based work and thus. Add to this a 2% or less unemployment average in the valley, and a major league shortage of housing - especially affordable, and you can see the issue is that an economy may have outgrown its resources - but we try anyway because that is what we do, and the area manufacturers are not yet willing to give up on the USA as a base.

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I think there is a change in what Machinists actually do... If they are just operating a set of machines, then that is not enough.

If they understand how to design and use the machines, then that is extremely useful. There are other areas opening up to machining skills, too. Machining, 3D animation, and CAD-CAM modeling share a lot of technique.


10-25-2005, 08:04 PM
Well this is as good aplace as any I guess to make a first post.

spope14 I live nearby & I am amazed by all the little job shops & manufacturing business in the Claremont & Lebanon NH areas. I was really worried when all the machine makers in Springfield Vt started to close down. But things seem to be going well locally. Good artilcle Thanks.