View Full Version : New village soft bound books?

12-12-2005, 05:03 PM
I just recieved my order of the new readers tip books? volume 1 and Vol 2 along with the reissue of the Mr. Harris's Donkey engine. All three are top nocth and done with the highest starndards. For A magazine with Advertisements!
they did not say magazines in the add I purchased them from. I realize That we can split hairs about what is soft bound. But these are no different than any issue of the three village press magazines I subcribe to. I am very disapointed in thier slightly under handed description of the items they offered for sale I think that if it was by a company buying space from them they would insist that the description would be more accurate to reflect the item for sale.
Also selling advertising space my be good for thier bottom line.But how long will the sale prices be in effect?

Been there, probally broke it doing that