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01-28-2006, 11:42 AM
I have questions on the Bridgeport DC power supply for someone. I'm thinking the steppers need around 55 DC volts. Is this correct.

Next, where do I find this DC voltage on the Bridgeport power supply. I find 6, 9 and 24 DC volts. 56 DC volts on wire #75 but I can't see one wire running 3 steppers. I would like to use the power supply Bridgeport built if I can find the right voltage.

I have read where guys built their own power supply using the existing components. Under the 3 phase transformer are the "saturable reactors". I found some wires marked + and - minus on the 3 reators that each show 38 AC volts. I'm thinking a bridge rectifier connected connect there would give me around 50 DC volts but have yet to try it without asking around first.

So my question is this. What DC voltage should I be looking for to run the steppers? Does the Bridgeport power supply have that voltage? If not should I make a DC power supply using the 38 AC volts available at the saturable reactors?

Once this DC power is resolved I'll be able to finish this thing up in a few hours.


01-28-2006, 05:29 PM
Da bridges are in behind the plate where the capacitors are in the left box.

It all comes over to the terminal strip there too. Blue wires.. 74,75,77 is what comes to mind?

I am braindead at the moment and can't remember numbers..

Do you have a factory schematic? I have one here, Spence has one scanned to cdrom.

You almost have it going? are you fixing what is there or upgrading to bipolar drives?
Mine has been running on Larken drives for a couple years now. I have some Superior motors that accepted 68vdc at 8 amps bipolar. I was getting speeds around 120ipm, then slowed it back down when I added the 200lb indexer back on it. Not all motors on them bridgeports are the same.

Pictures? http://home.alltel.net/dec4857 I think.. right now I can't remember my own page.. I have had a day.

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