View Full Version : Home-Cheap plc, ladder logic, Parallel port controls for model train set....

03-03-2006, 08:44 AM
My buddy of 30 some odd years has a request. He is building a model trainset and wants a cheapie controller. This has other uses like running a background control on a cnc machine running from the ports or HOME automation.

A Visual-plc that runs the parallel port, you program in bit-relationship values, coils for the output ports on a parallel port. It will program in if{Normally open} contacts, NOT{normally closed} AND, dual bits, and have coils displayed on screen, inputs displayed on screen, and a Drum timer or motorized ratchet relay running from a "list box".. Timers can be installed to be configured also by time base and enabled by contacts. THIS can run in multi-tasking in the background from another windows program. BUT subject to "not in focus" timer variations of milleseconds". (can't run stepper or accelleration loops)

Anyone that can draw a rung of electrical diagram could understand and control about anything with this 12 output, 4 inputs control. External connections would be anything you can fire 5vttl to turn on "whatever" you want. be it christmas lights or a model trainset or a cnc tool changer logic.

Does anyone else need a copy of that in exe windows format?

What I need? somebody to build me a temperature to 5vdc convertor cheap. I got a solar collector application I need to complete.

03-03-2006, 08:59 AM
David, what you need is an Atmel butterfly evaluation board for 20$. Has a built in temperature sensor that spits out the temp in hex, however the atmel chip on it is fully programmable and has a couple of Analog to digital and digital to analog features.
Look into it.