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08-17-2001, 09:42 AM
I have a question for you hydraulic experts David and Sandy or anyone else. I am going to upgrade my newly built press to electric controls with limit switches. I have pressed my first 20 parts and the press operated great but I want to get rid of the mechanical stops. David you told me which valve to order but I want to find one on ebay if I can and save a few bucks. Can someone explain what these diagrams mean. The manual valve I have now works great and I would like the electric one to work the same if possible. I have a log splitter type valve it returns to the center and holds in the up or return and kicks back to center when the cylinder is fully retracted. I have seen many valves on ebay for sale and they always have these diagrams but I don't know what they mean. I will post a picture I scanned from the Northern Tool catalog can someone explain what they mean and which type I would want. Is the valve I have now an open center?

I plan on buying some limit switches 2 for the different stops I make 2 different bends in making my parts. I also plan on buying a foot switch to engage the electric valve and I will reuse my on and off switch that turns off the motor that runs the pump.
Here is the diagrams that I want to learn what they mean.
Thanks in advance.


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