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charlie coghill
03-29-2001, 11:53 PM
Hi people I am a new member also. My name is Charlie Coghill and I live in Prospect Or.
My equiptment is a 13x40 jet lathe and a 9x42 bridgport type mill.
I have just completed a 1/4 scale case steam tractor and now I am working on building a 3x5x4" steam engine and a 6sq ft. boiler. When all this will get done only God knows.
I need a place to purchase some shim packs and would also like a place to get babbit bearing scrapers. I could build the scraper but I am not sure what I could use for the concave cutting edge. Thanks for any help.

Tim Winters
03-31-2001, 01:54 PM
Hi Charlie, I am new to metalworking and don't have any answers to your questions but I hoped I could ask you some about your Case steam tractor. I would like to build one also, but i was pretty overwhelmed by the scope of the project. i have a book by Ralph Andres that is excellent. Did you make your tractor from purchased castings or did you fabricate the parts? How did you cut and true the large diameter wheels?Did you rivet your boiler? Anyway, congratulations on finishing such a project, Tim

charlie coghill
03-31-2001, 10:43 PM
Hi Tim

Building one of the cast steam tractors is a big project,but is fun and interesting. I purchased all the castings from Arron Ternning in Sudan Ks. The barrel of the boiler is a piece of 8" pipe with mill certs and the cert number stamped on the pipe.
I also had Ternning bend both the inter and outer fire box wrapper, he also bent the wheel rims, but I did all the welding and made the spokes, the hub is a casting which needed to be machined and drilled for the spokes this also applies to the rear wheels.

All the gearing was purchased Ternning.I checked locally on the prices of the gearing and could not beat Arron's pricefor the gears.

The barrel of the boiler as stated was a piece of pipe (with mill certs it should be easier to get it inspected if you want to steam the tractor in an public place) welded into the firebox wrapers, so it would look like it was riveted I made a false rivet joint.

The wheels,front and back were clamped to my welding table and tacked welded, than freed from the table and welding was completed.

Hope this helps,Tim. If you need any more information just E-mail. Hope you go for it.