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04-10-2001, 12:45 PM
all . .. . I've got an older lathe at home that's produced nothing but really rough finishes every time I've used it (I'm fairly new to this work, but I've had more experienced hands look at it, and they're scratching their heads too -- all the folks only have experience with new equipment, however).

I've finally figured out what the cause is, but not the cure . . ..

when I manually advance the carriage into the work, it rocks (slightly) in a clockwise direction when moving toward the headstock (and, obviously, counterclockwise when moving toward the tailstock).

the carriage runs on an inverted V (on the near side of the bed), and on a rectangular way on the far side of the bed.

when I advance the carriage manually, the leading edge of the near side of the carriage climbs the inverted V just a hair . . . . the amount of climb is constant when using the power feed, but varies when I advance the carriage manually leading to the roughness of the finish.

Now, for those I havn't put to sleep, there seems to be no adjustable gib on the read side of the bed, where I would expect one to be to keep the carriage accurately aligned with the long axis of the bed.

the ways are a bit worn, even a novice can see that, but I imagine that there's some way of keeping the carriage aligned . . . .

any suggestions from more experienced heads would be greatly appreciated!


John Rosberg

Bobby Roakes
04-14-2001, 06:53 AM
you should have a gibb on the box side. Check to see that no one painted over it. some are on the inside underside. (very easy to adjust HA HA). If you still cann't find one let me know what type of lathe and I'll ask around the shop. I have been running old machinery for over 20 yrs and there has alwas been a way to adjust the carrage.
Good Luck.

04-16-2001, 10:44 AM
Sir . .thanks for the offer of assistance . . . .the lathe is a Dalton (marked New York) . . .. I can't find a model designation or serial number (but they could be painted over . . . . I can count at least three shades of machinery gray and one of orange (!) paint . . . .it looks a great deal newer than other pictures of Daltons I've seen on the net . . . my uneducated guess would be somewhere between 1930 and 1950 . . . . . . the ones Ive seen on the net looked like turn of the century . . . . .

there are three blind, tapped holes on the far side of the carriage, but, as they don't go all the way through, they would be of no help in adjusting anything . . . . . .

the only adjustment seems to be the four bolts holding the lower portion of the carriage to the top (on the far side) . .. one bolt from the top, three from the bottom . . . . tighten down, and the carriage won't move, loosen 'em up, and it will . . . I have a feeling that the looseness/tightness is the adjustment . . . ..