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05-14-2005, 11:57 PM
I'm intently searching for any information about the BenchMaster vertical milling machine, model MV1, pre-1980 and probably dating around 1950. I recently acquired one, and I am really need of an owner/operator manual with original specs. But any information, including pictures or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been searching for awhile, and haven't found more than four items after performing every search keyword and combination I can imagine. But I definitely have the machine with the Bench Master Mfg. decal and serial number, so I know something has to be out there. I realize with such solid cast-iron construction and vintage engraving on the body that this is a much older unit and info won't be easy to find. Thanks for whatever help you can throw my way!!!

05-15-2005, 06:27 AM
Look here; http://www.lathes.co.uk/benchmaster/index.html

The Benchmaster is a very nice little true knee bench milling machine. It is solid and accurate, the only draw back being the lack of a moveable quill. I had one for a few years and was quite pleased with it. I moved to a home with a larger shop area and traded it for a Rockwell.

They are not easy to find, but are well worth looking for if space is limited.

05-15-2005, 01:08 PM
I have some benchmaster info that another forum member was kind enough to send me,I can find it and scan it for you sometime soonish if you want .

Rudy Kouhoupt had one and a number of his articles in HSM or MW cant remember which -show it being used.

There is a yahoo group for benchmaster milling machines.