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04-10-2006, 04:20 PM
After a telephone request to the Village Press, I just received my March/April issue of HSM.
Upon examining part five of Build the Crusader by George Genevro, I find another ERRATUM. This time I didn’t catch it, and as the machining and fitting of the part was very time consuming, too bad for me.
Does anyone have a solution to allow salvage of the cylinder of the engine that was constructed to the original dimensions?
I guess I’m not smart enough to know how to relocate the bypass port without starting a new cylinder.
Your suggestions would be appreciated.



charlie coghill
04-10-2006, 09:33 PM
JCD: to answer your question just start another cylinder. I have made 4 cylinders now. I messed up the first one, :( got the fin that is located above the top intake port too thick. I made another cylinder and as I was making it I thought that I could salvage the first cylinder. So I made a second crank case and crank. Than they have this erratum. Now I had to make two more cylinders.

The drawing of the head showes a 1/4X20 thread for the glow plug, than I reread the text and find that the text specifies a 1/4X32,this mistake is not spelled out in any erratum so far:( , so now I make a new head for the orginal engine and another head for the second engine.

The piston has an erratum also, I am going to leave the orginal one alone. I drilled the wristpin hole in the second piston to small and the reamer wobbled and cut one side of the hole too big :( . So a third piston was made. This morning I completed the connecting rod for the second engine.

If I keep going I will have two engine and 3 scrap engines. I have never had so much trouble making a project as I have this one, and it is not a hard project to make.