View Full Version : Shopmaster Eldorado (Lathe-mill-drill)

10-21-2001, 11:19 PM
Hi guys, I am interested in buying a combo machine. The Shopmaster Eldorado has caught my eye mainly due to its factory CNC add on. Has anyone on the list purchased this machine,can it perform as the ad copy states? My interests are RC race boats,and now .....live steam modelmaking. Thanks

10-22-2001, 12:06 AM

ANY machine can be CNC'ed - but is it worth it? Learn how to machine well with manual machines before stepping over to CNC. A computer may do the lion's share of the work but you have to know what you are doing and why first. Math is very important (vectors, Sine laws, and geometry) for CNC programming.

If you are serious about an all-in-one machine there is a thread about a Maximat 11 made by the Austrian firm Emco. It is high quality and quite exceptional.

Otherwise, consider buying a separate mill and lathe such as discussed many times in these threads. The used American machines are far superior to the machine you are thinking of. It looks neat, but is it worth the inherent hassles of a poorly designed substandard piece of rat-poo? It may be a well made machine, but I would drag a machinist friend to the showroom to look at one before plunking down the cash.

Whatever you decide, make safety your number one priority. It is a great hobby - have fun!