View Full Version : Lathe lube questions - general and Rockwell specific

07-18-2006, 06:00 PM
I'm putting this on PM and here. For those on both, sorry for the cross post, but I was hoping for “the right answers” from both pros and those in the HSM arena who have dealt with these things in a different context. I've searched and found some relevant but not perfect info to some of the questions, but left them in for further comment should you feel inclined.

1) First the general question. Anyone found a good solution to putting thin oils through those little ball sealed ports without a huge mess? I’ve rigged up a conical tipped pump oil can with a small slot cut across the end. The point pushes the ball in, the slot lets the oil through even if the ball is sealing the end, and the cone should seal against the orifice hole. It sorta works on the big ones, but leaks badly on the small ones because the cone won’t fully seat, it’s too large. Makes a mess and I can never be confident I got enough oil in there.

2) What do you guys like for greasing the open gear trains and QCGB? The grease recommended by Mobile is a Mobiltac 375 NC which is a heavy tar like grease that will not (supposedly) be sticky enough to capture random chips as badly as a typical open gear (or otherwise) grease.

Now the Rockwell (still somewhat general) questions.

3) There is one of those little ball ports for ISO68 oil WAY down in the bottom of the head stock on the back gear "shaft"(?). How the heck do you oil that thing without removing the head stock? The only thing I can imagine is finding a straight line shot from above with a rigid tube on a grease gun loaded with oil and a needle grease tip? I could easily fashion such device just like the way oilers on my Bridgeport, but figured I would ask what you folks have done.

4) The tapered bearings on the front of the headstock call for “Texaco Regal Starfak #2”. I finally had to call Texaco as nobody had ever heard of it. Bad luck, it’s an old out dated Calcium based grease and nobody (Texaco or Mobile) could tell me how it will react to modern Lith based grease. They say sometimes it thins and runs out, sometimes it hardens and cakes. The first is best/easiest as it can be watched and refilled till it’s purged. The second is the problem as it is externally unidentifiable from “good to go”. Now I’m trying to find out from PO what they used and if it’s already switched. Based on that, I have to figure out if I want to pull it down and flush out or not. It sure ran smooth when bought so I’m hesitant to muck with it. I think this is a case of “I know the right answer, I just don’t want to accept it.”...

5) Anyone got a decent detailed lube chart for the Rockwells with (or without?) varispeed? The plate on the machine shows some 30 odd lube points, but the detail is so low, it’s hard to tell what is what. The manual I downloaded has the same chart with no detail. And as an aside, there are 25 “oil daily” points! Sheesh... <grin>