View Full Version : Pinging X39

J Tiers
07-26-2006, 11:52 PM
The Winco folks think that generator is an older one, a 4kW 4KS2G-3/A....

Question, since you seem to be familiar with Winco... Do some of them have pretty low field resistance?

This one is around 10 ohms, although I know for a fact that it is a 120/240V unit. That seems like too much field current at full voltage, even 120V (rectified, of course) and a resistor to reduce it would be a big one....

There is a spec on some of their stationary field units about "motor starting ability" measured in HP, which suggests to me that they may be set up to work as a starter-generator.

In that case, they might easily have a low resistance field in order to work off a battery as a starter.

Since you seem to know something about them, do you (or anyone else) know if that is the case?

I am going to get a manual for the thing in its original form, which would have included the outlets and whatever field drive it had. Supposedly it includes the wiring and so the control box circuit. Maybe it will explain matters, and maybe not. Ther are manuals and then there are manuals....

But that "motor starting ability" spec has me intrigued..... that combined with the low resistance field.