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08-02-2006, 10:35 PM
Now, I've only been playing with it for a week or 2 now. Heres what I've been working on. It is the pennsy A3 locomotive frame by Hiraoko. I've taken his drawings and entered them into Solid works.

Once I put it together I discovered some errors in the drawings, wrong dimensions, etc. Solid works even detects interference and this frame still has about 10 or so problems in that regard. Sooo Coool. I don't imagine I'd be able to do this with autocad so quickly.

08-03-2006, 02:28 AM
Billh -- lots of fun, isn't it? couldn't imagine going back to designing in 2d. Wait till you start getting your own library of parts built. Thats when the real Lego (tm) adventure begins.. bolts, bearings, snaprings -- Its just like being in the shop (can't find the snaprings in the shop -- and i can't find the snaprings folder on my computer!)

very minor minor comment: i do alot of work in wireframe mode (when the models start getting real complex) .. to keep my head straight when looking at all those lines i got in the habit of turning on perspective control. when i switch back to shaded model i'm now used to seeing them in perspective. seeing a "straight" isometric view now just seems .. well.. ugly.

set your perspective control to something really low (like 1 or 0.5) .. then turn on perspective. silly, maybe.. but looks alot better (to me).. after all, thats why i'm using 3D cad to begin with (more or less).


John Stevenson
08-03-2006, 03:54 AM
Nice Bill isn't it.
Bet he wished he had that when it was originally drawn to find the mistakes.

When my son was learning SE he took a book I had called building the Minnie, a 1-1/2" scale traction engine and started to assemble that.
It was starting to look real good until he got side tracked.

Best thing was he could put 8 10BA tapped holes into a part in under a minute without breaking a tap :D