View Full Version : info request/ "Spirit" DRO

10-19-2006, 10:14 PM
Hi All,
After some begging, schmoozing, waiting and wheedling with the machine repair guy who services the CNC machines at the place I work, I have managed to obtain, for the piddling sum of $30.00US, a functional 2 axis DRO setup for my old SB mill. It consists of 2 Anilam scales in appropriate sizes for both table axes, and an old but working Anilam "Spirit" readout. It is not yet mounted on the machine, I need to make up some cables and did some minor repair (bad solder) to the readout, but it all works. I'm pretty happy with all of that.

Does anyone perchance have a manual for the Anilam "Spirit" readout? This is a fairly simple readout so I suspect that I can just dope it out, but if someone has one I could copy, it would be nice to have. I tried the Anilam website, and a google search did not seem to find one.

Any ideas?