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11-02-2006, 04:26 PM
I would like to find some work socks that actually last for awhile. I wear boots for the most part each day of the work week, and can't seem to find boot socks that will last for any period of time.

The latest effort was some sort of "melano wool" or some such thing. They didn't last worth beans, wore out in the ball of the foot area like most others do.

What do you guys use?


11-02-2006, 04:29 PM
Nothing will last very long.

The trick is to buy more than one pair, and change them every day :)


11-02-2006, 04:42 PM
I wear boots to work as well, and the best I have found are Carhartt. I too tried about everything and since giving these a try a few years back have been a regular customer.


11-02-2006, 05:20 PM
I have found that the things that wear out socks are toenails that need trimmed and shoe fits that allow your foot to squish around in the boot (lots of rubbing of the sock on the inside of the boot).

My favorite socks for this time of year (cool weather) are some Marino Wool models from Woolrich sold at Wal-mart in the hunting section. Look them over....Marino wool is the latest craze and many socks now have just enough that they can put it on the label to sell it. I had some that were about 15% wook and they did not last and were sweaty as the balance was "acrylic". These are 70% Marino and are doing well on the second year of wear. They are around $7/pair, but are a little luxury I allow myself. They are like wearing plush carpeting inside. Probably not recommended for warm weather wear, though.

I personally cannot wear much of anything made from a bunch of un-natural fibers as they are way too sweaty and stinky. Shelves are lined with lots of socks that are mostly "acrylic". I wonder how many they would sell if they said "plastic socks" on the label??


Optics Curmudgeon
11-02-2006, 05:58 PM
I had some that were about 15% wook


11-02-2006, 06:36 PM
Just dont ever change em. Im not kidding. When youse get a hole in the sock dont even take that sock off. It will just weaken the delicatte fibres. Just trim that nasty toenail thats sticken outa that sock and put a couple pieces of duct tape over the hole. Eventually you will have a very durable duct tape sock. Good Luck

11-02-2006, 06:42 PM
Those monkey socks,tough as nails.


11-02-2006, 06:48 PM
I agree with rollin45. Best I have ever used are Carhartt.
John Burchett
in Byng OK

11-02-2006, 08:11 PM
i wear daytona socks for steel toe boots they are $7 a pair and are wearing very well have had for 6 months. you can find them at markswork wearhouse.

11-02-2006, 09:14 PM
For my money Thorlo are the best socks made:



11-03-2006, 06:21 AM
I used to swear by "Icelander" socks sold in the logging supplie store here.
I bought Carrhart socks last year and love tem.

11-03-2006, 05:42 PM
Gold Toes brand. I wear white socks at work and these last better than anything I've tried.

11-03-2006, 10:04 PM
Gold Toes brand. I wear white socks at work and these last better than anything I've tried.
Carrhart for heavy work socks. Gold toe for lighter and dress. They work great for me. YMMV.
Finally something I know a little about or have a little experience with.
John Burchett
in Byng OK