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11-08-2006, 10:25 AM
Just came back from the local metal man.

I paid US$19.07 per inch for 6" 6061 Al. round. :mad: :eek:

Found www.industrialmetalsales.com (http://www.industrialmetalsales.com) had 12" of it for $115.00, plus shipping to Texas. Comes to about US$12.00/inch delivered. Have to cut it, but I have a 6 tpi blade for that.

These folks for real ? Opinions ?


11-08-2006, 12:28 PM
They are for real. Just like gas, metals are no longer "inexpensive" and the prices fluctuate daily. No, I do not really like it either, but then again, seldom do the finances for such purchases come from my pocket, so the price is sort of irrevelant to me. The metal supplier I buy from has facilities all over the east coast. You may find the prices to be a bit lower or more stable from the likes of McMaster or MSC (provided they have what you want/need) than a local metals supplier, whom may adjust the price of the commodity daily. When I need a small piece of something I do not regularly use, provided they have it, I get it fom McMaster or MSC. The weight/foot book I have says you paid $6.88 per #.

What I "bought" yesterday:

8 pcs. 3/4"x9 1/4"x7 1/8" Mic-6 -- $24.65 each
1 pc. 1/4"x14 5/8"x mill 6061-T651 -- $137.00
2 pcs. 1/4"x24"x mill 6061-T651 -- $141.00
1 pc. 1/2"x14 5/8"x mill 6061-T651 -- $265.00

Grand total $881.20

I figured, $4.93 per # for the Mic-6, $7.21 per # for the 6061. If you want or need it, what are you gonna do...... You pay for it or you go without.

Your Old Dog
11-08-2006, 12:36 PM
Well if you smoke 3 pack of cigarettes per day in New York state at $5.50 per pack you could have bought a piece of your 6" wide aluminum 26 inches long with 1 month savings if you quit smoking ! :D ($495.00 / 19.07 per inch = 25.957 inches)

11-08-2006, 01:54 PM
I got lucky yesterday at my local salvage yard. I bought a bunch of 6061 round aluminum listed below for $37 :D . They are charging .80 cents a pound now for aluminum. I didn't even buy all they had and now I'm thinking about going back to get the rest of it. Never can have to much of this stuff laying around. I think I got a deal as I looked it up on metal express site to see what it would cost if I had ordered it from them and the total was $199 :eek: .

4 in. diameter x 18in. long
2.5 in. diameter x 37.5 in. long
2.5 in. diameter x 5.5 in. long

11-08-2006, 02:32 PM
I got lucky yesterday at my local salvage yard.

The salvage yard is a good option. Provided you can VERIFY what you are buying if critical to your application, and can find one that you can scrounge through. For my own projects, luckily I have one in town that allows scrounging, only on Saturday mornings. They have a quick turnaround though. I was talking to one of the owners, most of what comes in is shipped out within three to five days.

Makes it tough to find anything usable that is not "too much". If you find something that suits your need you buy the whole thing regardless of how much you really need, at this yard anyway, others may be different. I had to at one time buy a 3/8"x3"x5"x12' angle for a 3' piece.