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12-22-2006, 03:26 AM
Guess who wins! Apparently, some guys who've got a waterjet cutter have friends at Microsoft who gave them a bunch of defective X-Boxes, so they decided to see what would happen if they did a "slice and dice" with the thing. (http://www.waterjets.org/waterjet_pictures_9.html) :eek:

The X Box cut into an "X" took about 40 minutes or so. We cut it quite slowly to get a better quality cut, and also to make sure that it would completely cut through in areas of thick metal, such as the vertical fins of heat sinks, and such. We probably could have cut it quicker, but we played it safe since this was a total experiment. The X Box 360 with the circle cut in it was quite a bit faster - maybe 20 minutes if I remember correctly. The reason for cutting a circle, is because "360" is the number of degrees in a circle.
The circuit boards cut easily. The word "X-Box" only took maybe a minute to cut or so. Most of the time on these was spent trying to find a way to hold the circuit boards flat without them jiggling around durring cutting.

Your Old Dog
12-22-2006, 05:39 AM
Boy it's enough to turn you green with envy!! I can't imagine how neat it would be to have that to play with. I found this link: http://listings.waterjets.org/ on their site and book marked it. It could come in useful someday.

12-22-2006, 05:44 AM
Holy cow! The water pump on the waterjet cutter is up to 40 horsepower!!!

12-22-2006, 07:55 AM
Ran my pressure washer over a finger nice gouge 1/4 inch wide and nearly as deep. Impressive. That was at 2000 pound nozzle up close. My friend cut through his work boots into his toes with a pressure wasner fine nozzl3e at 3500 pound range. Bloody dangerous,

12-22-2006, 08:35 AM
I've cut concrete before using my uncles 3500psi pressure washer.

12-22-2006, 09:12 AM
Ran my pressure washer over a finger nice gouge 1/4 inch wide and nearly as deep. Impressive. That was at 2000 pound nozzle up close.

multiply by 10 and throw in some abrasive and jewelled nozzle that'll stand up to it and you got a waterjet cutter .........hmmmm, 10 pressure washers in series, I wonder...... :D

don't think there's any question which toy those here would prefer to play with, sadly we're the minority.

12-22-2006, 09:14 AM
According to the specs on the machine that cut that it runs up to 55,000 psi ! :eek:

12-22-2006, 10:32 AM
Waterjet machines are impressive as hell, capable of cutting damn near anything, without the HAZ of lasers or Plasma cutters. Most run north of 100 inchs a minute for feed rate. The accuracy on them has taken a dramatic upsurge in recent years, with Flow Int'l leading(last I looked) with them claiming +/-.0015. Note that the manufacturers tend to be fairly conservative with accuracy claims, as operators have a huge influence on them. One of the more interesting things about them is the range of sizes the come in, from 2x4 foot machines intended for general machine shops, to monster 16x16 foot machines with multiple heads that run multiple sheets at one time.

I just wish they were cheaper on the secondary market - the few times I've seen them at auction they brought mid 5 figures or higher.:(


12-22-2006, 11:12 AM
While we are on this subject has anyone ever used an Airbrasive unit?


I remember looking at the ads for them in Scientific American when I was a kid and wishing I had one.

12-22-2006, 06:23 PM
I've thought of the abrasive idea myself many times. I have wondered how well it would work using abrasive and affordable pressures, like pressure washers. 3500 psi probably would have trouble cutting much at all, but if abrasives were added-

Maybe a functional machine could be made, even if limited to sheet materials. Something that could perhaps draw only as much or less juice than a dryer would-

George Hodge
12-22-2006, 09:53 PM
Last place I worked,we had a 2500psi.washer that came with a sand blast attachment.It worked great,no dust.Would cut through sheet metal easily.But the blast spread out too much for any accuracy.

12-23-2006, 11:53 AM
Great info. Another 2 hours lost surfing all the info on waterjet and abrasivejet cutters. Cool info - now I want one. Damn.