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01-15-2007, 12:14 AM
The deeper I get into this 11" Logan, the more I find wrong, the madder I get, and the more stubborn I become! LOL! I will see this thru ...

The latest is I realized the counter shaft is from some other lathe. When I get the right 2-step flat pulley it probably ain't gonna fit anyway cuz the shaft's too short. 8 3/4 and the book says 10 something.

I realize the 1st machine's gonna be the hardest but man did I pick me a winner .....

For once though I do believe I can make my own part. It's a 3/4" fully keyed shaft with 2 snap ring grooves. I can buy the shaft already keyed from McMaster for $20 and all I'll have to do is cut it to length and do the snap ring grooves. Got a buddy with an 8" Atlas who's feeling sorry for me ready and waiting.

Logan wants over $80 BTW. I like $20 a lot better.


J Tiers
01-15-2007, 09:09 AM
If that is a flat belt 11", why worry? There is cetainly nothing sacred about the Logan drivebox. In fact on teh one my father-in-law had, I thought it was a pain.

My 10" early (1942) Logan has a southbend countershaft, all open, and a Wards Logan H/S cover, etc. It's a mongrel. But I find it actually nicer than that (*&%&% drivebox.

The various and sundry previous owners had really skunked it up. But it is fine now, although Scott Logan might not want to acknowlege it as one of theirs..... :D

I'd just get yours working with a sensible setup, and not sweat the details of OEM parts. There isn't a law about that, you know.

If you can, post a picture so we will know what you have. There may be some suggestions....

01-15-2007, 12:25 PM
I'm not interested in OEM for the sake of OEM. That's for sure! What I'm after is having the 16 spindle speeds the machine's capable of and more importantly I think, knowing what rpm the spindle's turning.

Currently it's on the smaller 2.5" side of a banged up wobbling motor pulley running to a non-OEM single groove 8" up top that barely hangs off the countershaft far enough to line up. With a belt that's so skinny it's shining up the bottom of the 2.5" pulley!

The 2.5" should be against a 9 5/8" flat pulley for the 8 slower speeds. The other set up should be the 5 1/4" side of the motor pulley with 7 3/4? Can't remember, lol, but for the 8 higher spindle speeds.

With a mongrel 8" on the countershaft and a belt running too deep in the motor pulley ..... who knows what I've got?

I suppose you could do the math and it's obviously somewhere in the middle, but I'm the type who will beat my head against a wall until I make a hole. I want it right.

This machine was obviously patched up and kept going for a long time with minimal expense and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. For an experienced machinst making a buck it's perfectly sensible. But I'm a just a schmo learning the hard way .....

Current plans are a countershaft pulley from Plaza, a shaft from McMaster, and running the bent motor pulley long enough to hopefully make a cast iron one. Don't hold to me to it tho!

Thanx for your post BTW. You put up a pic of your SB countershaft on your Logan mongrel awhile back and I was impressed. Who cares what Scott Logan thinks. Your work speaks for itself.


01-15-2007, 08:42 PM
saw one awhile back had pulleys for automotive serpentine belts...

J Tiers
01-15-2007, 10:56 PM
Knowing the speed is over-rated, I think..... although there is no problem with it.

There are three speeds you need to worry about.... Too fast..... Too slow, and just right.

The first two are to be avoided, and the last makes itself known by the cut going well, with no tendency to stall, and no squeaking or just plain too-slow-ness.

I actually do have a speed table for my machine, that I made by checking pulleys and double checking by counting turns. But I don't know where it is, and have forgotten what it said..... :p

I can appreciate you getting the machine right, no problem. I have done much the same myself, although not so much with the Logan, aside from a big bearing hassle a while back.

But don't let it get in the way too badly, that's all.

Writers claim that editors are all high ranking demons...... for the HSM, it is that &^%$ "previous owner", who obviously had no clue, didn't own an oil can, and was too cheap to buy a manual.

01-15-2007, 11:04 PM
Get a Shimpo or other hand held tach and you'll never wonder about the rpm again. You won't CARE about the RPM, because you can measure surface speed directly! And just for grins, you can measure the RPM and re-lable your belt chart if you really want to do so. My Shimpo 107 (or was that a 105?) cost something like $35 on ebay with various tips, wheel, extension shaft, and case. I needed something because the vari-speed tachometer/indicator on my Rockwell was beyond reasonable repair, and this is SO much more flexible and useful than spending hour upon hour to restore the OEM indicator for a rough approximation...

01-16-2007, 12:36 AM
JTiers, excellent point on the 3 speeds!

I probably do overcompensate a bit. Hell, let's just tell the truth, I get a little nuts sometimes! But I can't help it ... It's just me ....

I've thought about a tach but never heard of a Shimpo. Never even thought mechanical either. It is mechanical?

My thought was a strobe light that can count but the cheapest I ever found was $250. Another use for a strobe I would like to have is it allows you to see vibration. Something that's moving so fast your naked eye never saw it becomes visible when you look at it off frequency. It's amazing.

I'm gonna google shimpo ...

Thanx guys.