View Full Version : Shooting Star digital readouts

11-23-2001, 02:33 AM
Hi everybody! I hope your all doing well, and
have had a happy Thanksgiving.
I just got the Y axis of a Shooting Star
Technology, digital readout installed on my
Acer lathe's cross slide.
I put a piece of 2.250 shafting in the chuck, took a light cut, measured the piece after turning, Inputed the measurement into
the digital readout, pushed the diameter button, and pushed the Y button again, and took a .050 cut, the digital readout, said
2.200, another .050 cut, and it read 2.150, and so on.
What fun, no more missed measurements for me, and no more squinky eyes trying to see the difference between the metric and english scales on the dials.
I use digital readouts every day at work
the one I use on my mill is really nice, and
works very well and has more features than I can use. I'm sure glad someone came out with a digital readout I can afford.

your friend Jack