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03-01-2007, 08:24 PM
Does anyone have information on the Herbert brand of turret lathe. I believe the one I have been looking at was a #1. Any information would be welcome. gear

03-01-2007, 09:42 PM

Anything at all similar?

03-02-2007, 06:08 AM
Only the name is close. I'll try to post a picture.

Mcchin Jig & Fixture
03-11-2007, 08:41 PM
Their address WAS Herbert, Inc., 816 Busse Wwy, Park Ridge, Ill. 60068 This must have been the importer. The mfr. is : Alfred Herbert,LTD.,P. O. Box 30, Coventry CV6 5GT England. They offered a few different lathes such as
HL-20, Cri-Dan CT., Capstan Lathe Model 4, Combination turret lathe Model 9 C-30, Capstan Lathes; 4 & 5 Senior Preoptive Monoslide, Model 0, 1,2, 2D.

Milacron of PM
03-11-2007, 09:16 PM
I've owned and used a no. 2D Herbert and no. 4 PreOptive in the past. The no. 4 was unique in that it was a combination saddle and ram type turret lathe. If anyone cares, I will explain how it could be both. It also had automatic transmission...would change spindle speed gearing just by pushing a button !

Never heard of a Herbert no. 1 ....must be a tiny thing. Herbert was a huge company...comparable to Cincinnati Milacron at one time. Went kaput in the 1980's I think.