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03-21-2007, 01:28 AM
The 3 Goldberg brothers, Norman, Hyman, and Maxwell invented and developed
> the first automobile air-conditioner.
> On July 17th, 1946, the temperature in Detroit was 97.
> The 3 brothers walked into old man Henry Ford's office and
> sweet-talked his secretary into telling him that 3 gentlemen were
> there with the most exciting innovation in the auto industry since
> the electric starter.
> Henry was curious and invited them into his office. They refused and
> instead asked that he come out to the parking lot to their car.
> They persuaded him to get into the car which was about 130 - turned
> on the air-conditioner and cooled the car off immediately.
> The old man got very excited and invited them back to the office,
> where he offered them 3 million dollars for the patent.
> The brothers refused saying they would settle for 2 million but they
> wanted the recognition by having a label "The Goldberg
> Air-Conditioner" on the dashboard of each car that it was installed
> in.
> Now old man Ford was more than just a little bit Anti-Semitic, and
> there was no way he was going to put the Goldbergs name on 2 million
> Ford cars.
> They haggled back and forth for about 2 hours and finally agreed on 4
> million dollars and that just their first names would be shown.
> And so, even today, all Ford air-conditioners show on the controls,
> the names "Norm, Hi, & Max

Doc Nickel
03-21-2007, 01:48 AM
Funny, but Snopes (http://www.snopes.com/humor/jokes/ford.asp) already covered it. :D


03-21-2007, 09:46 AM
I like it