View Full Version : OT: Battery Packs

05-27-2007, 08:00 PM
My neighbor was a merchandiser and has several unused battery packs.
They are stored in his garage, they were for a project that he never completed, in a store.
The pack is made for a Vtech V.Smile Pocket learning system.
They may have been for a store demo unit, as the instructions say two use 2 battery packs.
They are marked alkaline.
There is a tag that says SEP 2010 on the side.
It is a square pack comprised of 16 D-cell size batteries, so I figure it's supposed to be 24 Volt but my meter shows only 6.43 volts.
I'm basing this on 1.5 volt batteries but these may be different.

I am in Portland, OR, if anyone is interested.