View Full Version : Evan: Zephyr countersinks... cleaning?

J Tiers
06-27-2007, 01:12 AM
I have recently got an additional number of nice aircraft countersinks, enough that with all of them, I can keep the most common size noses always set up and handy in necessary depths. I like them because they can be set for depth, always right.

However, they were really dirty. They are Schrillo, Aircraft Tools Inc, and Zepyhr brands.

The Schrillo and Aircraft Tools countersinks are easy to take apart, all-steel (bronze bearing sleeve) and use standard-looking thrust bearings that come out when you dis-assemble. They are all cleaned up.

The Zephyr ones seem cheezier, they even have a zamac sleeve, the part that pulls up to set depth.

And, the bad part; the bearings, which are rough in many cases, seem to be spun or staked together, or otherwise, at least they won't come apart to clean out. They are attached to the arbor, somehow locked over a ring on it, can't get to the innards.

Of course I have lots of them, now, and few of the other two. Plus the Aircraft Tools ones use the chuck-type countersink nose mount, with a female thread for the c-sink. I would have to make extra noses for them, and I only have a couple c-sinks of that type anyway.

Naturally I have beaucoup of the regular male threaded fixed-nose type, of all sizes, which fit all the Zephyr, but just the one Schrillo + one A-T.

So I'd like to clean out the rough bearings.

How do they come apart? Or do they?

They look like they could press apart, but I don't know if they would then press together again!


06-27-2007, 03:35 AM
Before you get too excited about the countersinks check the angle on them. Flush aircraft rivets are 100 degrees included angle. Not all that useful for other purposes except maybe deburring.


You can probably buy new 82 degree cutters for them. I have no idea what piloted cutters cost, probably not cheap.

J Tiers
06-27-2007, 10:06 AM
I KNOW they are 100 deg, and for sheet metal that's fine. I have some mating screws, actually, and quite a lot of rivets.

Besides, there are some 82 deg in there, dunno why.....

06-27-2007, 11:09 AM
On taking apart the Zephyr, I have no idea. The places I worked you walked over to the toolroom and checked out another. The Schrillo is a nice find.