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07-03-2007, 11:41 PM
Need some advice on cleaning a seriously neglected, dirty and scaled-up carb (not mine, I swear, it's for someone else!)

Around here I can only get my hands on STP carb cleaner, in a spray can. I'm sure there are some heavy-duty solvents around but I'm not interested in getting cancer just yet.

Does anyone have a home remedy for using readily-available, simple chemicals to really strip a carb down to bare metal? The jets are all clogged up by bad Chinese gas, left to sit in storage for a long time (maybe years?). A rebuild is necessary, I know, but even then the exterior is caked with mineral scale so that needs to come off. I'm willing to drop the whole thing in a bucket of "something" and let it sit for a while - but what is the ideal something that I should be using?

Many thanks, as always.

J Tiers
07-04-2007, 12:10 AM
Not knowing what sort of carb you are talking about, I'd say take it apart first, as far as you can without damage or risk of damage. No sense cleaning everything except the part that's dirty........ and the dirt/crud/varnish/tar is inside.

I'd soak it in gas, actually, new gas. STP carb cleaner to wash off what doesn't come off with gas.

Verify the things which should have clear holes can be seen thru, etc, stuff that moves isn't sticky, and that residue and grit is gone, then re-assemble.

The cunk on the outside won't hurt it, unless it jams something, so leave it if gas won't take it off. The thing is, while you might get something to take it off, the "something" might affect the alloy junk that carbs are often made of. You KNOW that gas won't hurt it.

I never have had a properly cleaned carb that isn't completely worn out as to pivots etc, fail to work. They normally work better than before, as well as allowed by their basic condition..

07-04-2007, 05:00 AM
Used to use Hydro-Seal carb cleaner years ago. Used it in a tank with burner and agitator, would make your eyes water but not home shop. Laquer thinner would probably work in a pinch? Compressed air would be a plus.