View Full Version : Got a newer lathe - with pics

07-15-2007, 08:07 PM
Well a freind of mine decided I was working my 1927 9" SB to hard, so he gave me a 1962 16" SB. Now I just need to collect some parts when my funds permit.

A shot of end to end lathes

It's kind of short, but I have a small shop, so it's just right.

Tailstock end and an Atlas Shaper. The Atlas is for sale.

The ways by the headstock.

Southbendrose had the following information on it. I have it posted at Manufacturing Forum nder Southbend.

"You have a submarine lathe made from nodular iron. From the looks of it I doubt that it was ever actually on a sub.
These lathes were specially made for General Dynamics and cost about twice as much as a regular 16" lathe."

I kind of figurered it looked like it came off a ship, but wasn't sure. I guess it is one of the larger benchtop lathes South Bend built. It sure is in good shape. Now I just need to save up for the bases, chip pan, and underdrive.