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08-28-2007, 09:25 AM
Hi All
Been busy making chips to produce my top hat connectors so as to attach the stepper motors. All was going well untill I noticed the feed shaft was not turning. Upon opening the end cover I found the middle idler gears were not in engagement. So stripping the whole lot down I found that the nut holding the idler holder had stripped its thread!!
My question is what are the dimensions of a Myford idler gear holder so that if I can make it fit then I can replace this chinese *rap with something decent.

This chinese ho of a lathe is getting to be a liability as I spend more time trying to find what bit is of kilter now than actually cutting anything!!


Peter N
08-29-2007, 05:34 AM
Peter, are you talking about the stud that holds the gear on the quadrant?

Got a load of desk-work on at the moment, so can't get into the workshop to look at it, but I think the myford idler studs are fairly hard anyway, so might not be too easy to modify.

But...as you have the old one as a pattern, why not turn a new one out of silver steel and harden it? You don't need the leadscrew for that and you can put the relatively short thread on the end with a diestock.


08-29-2007, 08:58 AM
Peter, Yes thats the one.
I've got by for now by turning the nut down to 0.25" ans threading 1/4 bsw, I then made a longish t-nut to fit into the channel oat the rear of the gear quadrant(I wondered what it was called) it makes a better job of it than the small nut used originally. It would have been ok if the chinese had used a physically sized nut as on the Myford unit. Upon looking at the Myford unit it actually bolts at the rear of the quadrant and not into it as on the chinese unit.
I may get some Myford gears to see if they fit then I can get some extra gears.

Thanks for the advice