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09-16-2007, 10:33 PM
I use a shop vac to help chip and clean up the floor. I have a small HF cheapie that I paid $40 for. I have used it for months but the hose finally cracked and broke off.
The hose as you may figure was non standard very small at 1 3/4. The actual hose size is 1" Yes it did clog many times.

So I decided I need to get another sucker since I can't get a hose. I went to K Mart and found a Sears Craftsmen 9 gal w/4hp and a 2 3/4 dia hose. It cost me $49.

Wow I would never thought HF would be higher priced. Sears has a small sucker the same size as HF and it is $29 and has standard hose.

I got the 9 gal and now I have to be careful not to suck up the tools and vises.:D

Moral of this story...Not all suckers are made equal. Some suck better and some just suck!:eek:

09-16-2007, 10:55 PM
4hp eh? Don't tell me, let me guess. It plugs into a 120v outlet and cord is probably 16-3. Hummmmm. Amazing what they can do now days with the magic of electricity. :rolleyes:

J Tiers
09-16-2007, 11:09 PM
I an rather pleased with two of mine.

1) a Shop-Vac "Hangup" unit.

2) an Emerson one that is similar to the "Hangup" but bulkier.

The Shop-vac is hung up high, and works fine, it just has a smaller hose and sometimes clogs. Hose is about 18 feet long or so, and reaches wherever I need it. I'd recommend it.

The Emerson I got as a product test group member. I wouldn't pay for one, as it is at least $100, and we wrote two pages of hassles/improvements for it.

However, it does work and it has a full size hose (totally non-standard connectors though) and could suck a VW through a blast wall. Hose is about as long as the Shop-Vac, around 15 or 17 feet. Cord is also long. Others with more room might like it.

NOTE after looking at it, I see that the "emerson" one is actually branded "Ridgid", which is an Emerson brand.....

09-16-2007, 11:45 PM
Sears vacs are like Lexmark printers -- they sell 'em cheap and then stick it to you on the consumables.

09-17-2007, 09:15 AM
Ken I hear ya. You are so right. It is quite large though and will suck like mad. I was cleaning chips on the floor and I have a couple gallon cans of WD40 full, and it sucked it and picked it off the floor. I am sure they over rate and exaggerate the hp but it really is quite powerful.

I was surprised with the cost of the filters. First it is washable/reuseable and the cost for a new one was 15.99

Not a bad price since it should last a long time. Let's hope the vac lasts a long time.

Forrest Addy
09-17-2007, 12:57 PM
There's nothing wrong with today's consumer grade shop vacs, I don't know why marketers feel they have to lie about their ratings. I have a 16 gal Sears shop vac serving the lathe and mill for the last 18 years. So long as the filter is cleaned/changed regularly and I don't used it for shop dust it sucks like crazy even to drawing chips from T slots.

Most shop vacs can be rejuvinated by a simple filter change. My bro-in-law who works wood more than I do is amazed at how well my shop vac performs, then instantly clogs it up by sucking the sawdust from under my table saw with it instead of using the DC.