View Full Version : Wilton 20" Drill Press is home...

09-17-2007, 08:41 PM
Well, all went fairly well. Lots of fun unloading off my car trailer with nothing but a "Cherry Picker" (just for D. we'll call is a shop crane ;)). Then rolling a bit over 30', mostly up-hill, into my shop and then to the back side. All done on 3 1.5" steel bars (I had used my schd 40 pieces in a project and all I had suitable was bar stock). All in all, pretty uneventful.

I think the t-slot table on this one has more cast iron in it than my old floor press.

To my knowledge (so far), there is only one problem. It has a fluid level tachometer and the line got into the main pulley, cutting it in too. I've got some line I use for making sight glasses on custom fuel cells for buggies, so that should work fine. On another board I was told to use transmission fluid. I'm guessing mainly for the visibility of the color? Sound right?

Now I've got to settle on a dolly/cart system so it's mobile. Now way I want to bring out the steel bars every time I need behind it or need it's space for something else... :D

09-18-2007, 12:49 AM
Oh, and another question. This one is 80-1200 rpm. There is another just like it without the planetary(?) back gear, it runs 300 to something like 2500 rpms. I'm wondering if any of you guys have ever run one of those spindle speeders. Would it be worth it to look for, maybe, a 2:1 MT speeder? Or should I look into options on the drive side to bypass the gear box? Or just VFD it and over-speed the motor for the occasional need over 1200? I doubt I would ever need over 2000 rpm on it, and the motor could certainly stand it (or so common wisdom says that 2:1 (120hz) on a VFD is ok). But would it hurt the gearbox or spindle bearings?