View Full Version : Bought a new plasma cutter today!

10-13-2007, 02:18 AM
Hey guys! My ol' Lincoln Pro-cut20 broke down a couple weeks ago. Sent it out and as usual they are taking forever to fix it. It's a good little machine that I would recommend to anyone.....however I needed a plasma right away as I have a lot of alu work to do. I remembered you guys here bragging on Hypertherm products so I bought a model 600 today. Wow! you all where right!
Cuts 1/2" like butter and severed 7/8....not pretty but it did the job. I'll still use the torch on the heavier stuff but for up to 5/8" I'll be using this newbie.
I really like the heavy ground wire/clamp compared to others I've used. Wimpy little wire always tangles and is a mess to roll up. Also the Hyper machine uses the same plug as all my big welders use.
I think I'll save the ol' Rinkken for a spare machine but so far I'm sold on the new machine.
Thanks for the info guys!

10-13-2007, 05:53 AM
I've been using a Miller blue 35 amp unit now for ten years. Have to take it apart ever now and then and blow the grinding funk out of it.

I got a 3phase unit outside, been sitting outside now for two+ years. It will cut 2" thick metal. Came from the Chattanooga equipment erectors auction.

10-13-2007, 07:22 AM
Got any spare parts for it? I have a pro 25,and love it.