View Full Version : Jet 1340

10-29-2007, 08:59 PM
Well my used Jet 1340 has one small problem the cairage lock. I thought I had checked everything but I missed the cairage lock (I would have bought it anyway) It seams the last guy backed it off too far and the nut on the bottom came off. I have tried but unsecessful to re-attach the thing. It looks like I will have to remove the cairage and apron to re-install it. I wish I would have known that when I was setting it in the shop now I have to move the SB 10 K to remove the cairage and apron because they set too close together.

Has anyone on here ever done this? I know one thing for sure I will be installing a small cotter pin in the end of the lock bolt so it can never come completely off by mistake. Is there any pit falls in removing the caraige & apron? I plan to just remove the blocks on the end of the bed and crank it off. The cariage assembly doesn't look like it can be removed on the bed because the lead screw and half nut is in the way of the bolts to the clamp pieces that hold the cairage to the ways.