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11-21-2007, 09:47 AM
That Van Norman mill I was asking you guys about awhile back...looks like I'm going to buy it after all. I have no idea why. I still have my Ohio sitting under tarps on my trailer. Winter has really slowed down my cement floor pouring. Waiting for a break in the weather.
The VN has 575V power requirements that I have no idea how to work around.
It's just that the poor thing may sit outside and rust away...I can't let that happen to such a pretty piece of iron.
The Tool Monsters are making me do this. I try to fight them but it's hopeless. I need therapy :D

11-21-2007, 10:03 AM
Settle down Torker. You do not need therapy, there is only one cure for your problem. BUY MORE TOOLS. That will make you a master member of whatever ails the rest of us. JIM

11-21-2007, 10:35 AM
Russ, I just knew you wouldn't let a poor homeless puppy freeze outside all winter.

p.s.....it's gonna warmup on Sunday....can you say snow?

11-21-2007, 10:50 AM
Yabut...(yes, I know yabuts live in the woods) people take advantage you know. They start babbling on about powered dividing heads...send pics of huge stacks of tooling and arbors...pics of Bridgeport heads mounted on the mill...then they hit where it really hurts...they mention 50 taper....oh gawd I love that stuff. Then to top it off they offer free delivery right to my door.
I'm helpless :D
Willy...snow I don't need right now. Still need to buy a plow truck. I have a huge yard and driveway now.
It's been minus 18 here for the past two mornings. Could use a little break from that.
Russ (I am sooo weak)

11-21-2007, 10:54 AM
must be a virus going round - i just got a 3000 pound camel back , a 36x12 grinder and a power hacksaw.........................

thats what? 12000 poundsof iron ......at least I wont be getting anemia any time soon

11-21-2007, 12:20 PM
-18 must be pretty cold for there, we haven't even dropped down that much yet. Have a couple machines being loaded today on their way from Ont and am faced with the same dilemma 575/3, the 3 to single isn't so much a problem that a VFD won't cure it's the incompatible voltages. Either looking at a transformer or new or rewinding the motors. Will have to have a good look at the control circuits too. Providing the controls are workable I'm just going to replace the motor on the mill and have the lathe motor rewound.

11-21-2007, 12:36 PM
Brrr, it's getting cold here too. I think it got almost down to 50 last night...

On the topic, I have the same problem. But fortunately(?!) I have no more room. If I DID have more room, 2 weeks ago I could have brought home a nice cylindrical grinder with lots of goodies for ~$200. Musta weighed about 3k lbs or more and was maybe 7' long and 5' deep. Not small enough for my shop by any means. But I would love to have stuff like that. It's amazing what you can get to put in a home shop for not much money these days, as long as your not looking for "HSM" size/type machines.

11-21-2007, 06:17 PM
faced with the same dilemma 575/3, the 3 to single isn't so much a problem that a VFD won't cure it's the incompatible voltages. Either looking at a transformer or new or rewinding the motor

Just a thought, when I looked at building a r/t 3ph convertor in the UK I needed 400 volts from a 240V supply somebody said to use a 3 phase welder and reconnect the primary windings as an auto trasformer and this steps up the voltage, I got as far as that, got 400v but then decided to quicken up an bought new.

11-21-2007, 07:33 PM
A friend of mine recently bought a B/P series 1 with a 575v, 3 ph. pancake style motor. He had it rewound to 220v locally (Ontario) as it would have been a pain to fit another style motor. Perhaps you could check around if there is a shop/individual near you where it can be done. Not sure on the cost/benefit though.


11-21-2007, 07:55 PM
Russ,can you get the machines in the building without the floor?If you can slap some 6x6 timbers under them,lag screw them down and set them in place.Dig a little dirt out to lower the machines height on the timbers and grout them to the dirt with quickcrete.Many an old shop aorund here has had a dirt floor for years.Lathes need a solid foundation to anchor to and level off of,mills don't since the bases are rigid box structures.Make chips now,pour concrete later.

After all John Stevenson the Earl of Sudspumpwater has no floor:D

11-21-2007, 10:01 PM
Darin...That would work but I'm so close right now. I picked and crowbarred 42 big wheelbarrows of hardpan out of the other side to make the floor level all the way across. Dug a perimeter footing on three sides...it's ready for rebar and concrete. Rebar is sitting outside but the other side of the shop has no heat and it's wicked cold in there right now. The dang weather beat me by about three days.

11-22-2007, 01:39 PM
Ah,timing,so are you looking for a couple rediheaters,a mixer and a hot water heater?:D