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01-17-2008, 09:44 AM

I have an SB H10 lathe with a Westinghouse 1 HP motor. The plate says
208-220 3.6-3.4 Amps / 440 1.7 Amps. Right now I am running a static
phase converter, but want to upgrade to a VFD from www.automationdirect.com

Is the GS2-21P0 or the GS1-21P0 the right unit for my lathe ?
The GS2 is $165 and out of stock. The GS1 is in stock and $125.
Both units are for a 1 HP motor. Do I need a larger unit like a 1.5 HP or 2 HP, or do I match the motor HP to the VFD HP rating ?

Also, they list a ton of add ons. Do I need any of these for normal HSM use ?

Any other brands recommended ?


01-17-2008, 10:57 AM
In general, match the VFD to the motor (1 HP). One caveat on that though. Some VFDs expect 3-phase input. They will accept single-phase input, but with single-phase input you need to de-rate them. So be sure you get one that is rated 1 HP for single-phase input.

The GS1 ought to be adequate, I think. I see no reason to get any of the accessories.

I do notice that it's made in China, which may or may not be significant. You may want to look at www.vfds.com and check out their drives (TECO, Mitusbishi, and others).

01-18-2008, 01:12 AM
Hi Kevin,

I am using the GS1 on my Bridgeport mill 1Hp. IMHO the drives from Automation Direct are some of the best value for the dollar available. The GS1 is rated for single phase input at the lower horse powers and make them a great choice at or below 2Hp. The extras are not needed for your application.

For your information, the only significant difference between the GS1 and the GS2 is the braking ability. The GS2 allows you to connect an external braking resistor which will allow for quicker stopping (braking) of the motor. Just so you know, I am using a 5 sec decel time on a GS1 on the Bridgeport and it works fine even swinging a large fly cutter.

Good Luck,

01-18-2008, 01:23 AM
I have a GS2-21P0 running a 1hp Marathon motor.
It works flawlessly. I used it for a year on my 9x20 and it is now on my cnc bench lathe with MACH3 controlling the speed.
I am using no extra accy's for it.