View Full Version : Grizzly Lathe

12-06-2001, 10:58 AM
Has anyone purchased or used the new Grizzly 11x26 lathe? What are your impressions please

Fred Lusen W5CWO

12-27-2001, 01:20 AM
I called the Grizzly tech. line today to find out more about this lathe. It is a larger version of the 9x20 and slightly more accurate. It has tapered roller bearings for the spindle, and you have to lubricate them about once a week from oil holes above. The bore size is 1.009" and the spindle thread is 1 3/4 " which makes it difficult to find chucks in the open market, however I have not verified that, being a strong advocate of the D1-4 ..etc. series of spindle noses. Some change gears are included in the package for threading. There is no power cross-feed, however the slotted cross-slide makes it easy to concoct a simple drive. The newer 12x37 lathe is also a good alternative. I have made arrangements to visit the showroom in Muncie, PA where they have all their lathes on display, and get the actual feel of the machine. It is a look-alike of the Emco Maximat Super-11, with a twist and some variations, but nowhere close to the performance or price for that matter. I suggest you visit one of their showrooms. In a previous visit I saw a quite a few interesting machines, definitely worth a closer look. Hope to have been of some help. Marios.